Sustainability and CSR Report 2021 & Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

The CITIZEN Group reports on the state of its CSR and sustainability activities so that all stakeholders can understand our CSR and sustainability efforts in a document titled the CITIZEN Group and Sustainability and CSR Report. This digest reports specifically on our sustainable management, under which we continue to create sustainable products through sustainable factories, in accordance with the Medium-Term Management Plan 2021.
It also reports the CITIZEN Group’s FY 2020 efforts in maintaining relations with stakeholders in business activities, as well as the issues and materiality concerning sustainability. Note that a committee and a system promoting efforts concerning materiality are shown on our website.


Reporting Boundary

  • Economic Data: 16 domestic companies, 66 overseas companies (82 companies in all)
  • Environment Data: 14 domestic companies, 14 overseas companies (28 companies in all)

Reporting Period

FY 2020 (April 1, 2020 – March 31, 2021)

Guidelines Referenced

  • Global Reporting Initiative Sustainability Reporting Standards
  • Environmental Reporting Guidelines 2018