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  • Crafting a new tomorrow Towards sustainable value creation

Based on its corporate philosophy of being "loved by citizens, working for citizens," the CITIZEN Group formulated CITIZEN Group Vision 2030 and declared Crafting a new tomorrow as its new Group vision. The CITIZEN Group of 2030 will make life better for people around the world and also enrich people's souls. We see it as our mission to build that richer world for generations to come.

People's lifestyles and values have changed significantly in concert with a changing social environment. We will continue to contribute to people's lives by adapting to change and establishing a presence that creates value in society. We also believe that contributions to a sustainable society are only possible with profitability-driven growth and the creation of value, and have been focusing strongly on ensuring growth in Medium-term Management Plan 2024, which we have been working on starting in FY2022 to realize our vision.

The Citizen Group enjoys various strengths including miniaturization, precision processing, low power consumption and automation technology. The Group is united in its commitment to utilizing these strengths and its capital to solve even more issues.

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