CEO Message

We will leverage sustainable manufacturing with a century-long lifespan to make a far-reaching contribution to the environment and global society.

Recent years have seen a growing impetus among companies to enhance their social contribution and further their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities. ESG is a key agenda for The CITIZEN Group as a means to realize sustainable management. We believe that by putting sustainable management at the heart of our business, we will achieve our corporate philosophy of “Loved by Citizens, Working for Citizens.”

As a core component of our corporate social responsibility and sustainable management, our ESG activities will concentrate on addressing climate change and the circular economy, respecting human rights across the globe, and promoting diversity and inclusion. Our governance efforts will center on meeting our social responsibilities as a business by, for example, enhancing our risk management efforts.

The CITIZEN Group Vision 2030

Against the backdrop of significant medium and long-term changes in our environment, we have established initiatives that fully exploit the Group’s strengths and capital to achieve our vision for the future.

Moreover, we are endeavoring to realize sustainable factories and develop sustainable products. By leveraging our business infrastructure and activities to help resolve social issues, we will be able to generate value in a constantly evolving society and, in this way, grow our corporate value.

President and Representative Director
Toshihiko Sato