Relationship with Stakeholders

The CITIZEN Group’s stakeholders

The CITIZEN Group aims to contribute to a sustainable society and achieve growth for the Group through the realization of its corporate philosophy. In developing our business, we practice CSR with the participation of all employees based on the Group Code of Conduct, which is in the spirit of the United Nations Global Compact. In addition, in order to maximize the value we provide to society, it is important to incorporate the demands and expectations of our diverse stakeholders into our management. Therefore, we aim to realize our corporate philosophy by building strong relationships of trust through close communication with our stakeholders and by conducting business activities that meet their requests and expectations.

The CITIZEN Group’s stakeholders

Multi-stakeholder Policy

Based on our corporate philosophy, "Loved by Citizens, Working for Citizens," we have established a Multi-stakeholder Policy to work appropriately with multi-stakeholders with the aim of co-creating value with a diverse range of stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement

In FY2022, we created several engagement measures to achieve sustainable procurement practices in an effort to satisfy a priority measure of our Mid-Term Corporate Strategy 2021, namely, the “promotion of sustainable management.” Moreover, at the request of business partners who use our products and services, we responded to the ESG questionnaire. In-house, given the need to protect against the spread of COVID-19, we completed a self-assessment questionnaire, delivered video briefings, and undertook fact-finding surveys (equivalent to audits) and employee engagement surveys remotely. We also conducted stress checks on work style changes and distributed questionnaires to non-Japanese employees in Japan to strengthen employee engagement.

Examples of stakeholder engagements

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Stakeholder Response / Plan Result / Evaluation
  • Improvement of products and services, ensuring safety
  • Promoting universal design principles
  • Conducting social campaign “New TiMe New Me”
  • Develop customer feedback to relevant departments (VOC report)
  • Implementation of human rights due intelligence
  • Briefings for suppliers (distributed via video)
  • Evaluation based on the SAQ
  • Evaluation based on fact-finding
  • Digital transformation support for the manufacturing industry (alkapplysolution)
  • Improving employee satisfaction
  • Enhancing work-life balance programs
  • Developing workplaces where employees can work with peace of mind,
  • Developing workplaces where employees can demonstrate their abilities to the maximum extent
  • Reinforcement of a work-life balance
  • Promoting employee health (Stress Check)
  • Introduction of telecommuting
  • Operation of a flexible time system
  • Operation of a talent management system
  • Promotion of social contribution activities in cooperation with NGOs that allow participation by employees
  • Holding briefings to report on the results of Social Contribution Mission Program
  • Holding sessions for reporting the results of social contribution activities
  • Exchange of opinions with environmental NGOs
  • “Eco Tree ACTION" (mangrove planting)
  • Support for the women's activities of Plan International, an international NGO
Local communities
  • Inviting community residents to events held on business sites
  • Contributing to stable communities through mutual understanding
  • Enhancing activities to contribute to local society through our businesses
  • Improving table-tennis skills in the community
  • Total number of employees participating in beautification activities: 2,109
  • TNumber of plant tours accepted: 6
  • TNumber of watch assembly classes held: 5
  • TDonations to social contribution activities: 27.1 million yen
  • TTable-tennis lessons held
  • TDevelopment of a vibrating thermometer