Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation

Recognizing the importance of the ecosystem services provided by biodiversity and the impact of our business activities on biodiversity, The CITIZEN Group has established The CITIZEN Group Biodiversity Vision and is working together with local communities to conserve biodiversity.

The CITIZEN Group Biodiversity Vision (Established in April 2020)

Basic Policy

Recognizing that our business activities benefit from and have an impact on ecosystem services, The CITIZEN Group is united in its efforts to conserve biodiversity in order to contribute to a sustainable civil society where people and nature can live in harmony and peace of mind.

Priority Policy
  1. We will provide attractive environmentally friendly products and services that inspire people to respect and live in harmony with nature.
  2. We will promote the greening of business premises in consideration of biodiversity.
  3. We will actively disclose information on our environmental initiatives and deepen communication with society regarding biodiversity.
  4. We will promote environmental and biodiversity conservation activities in local communities.
  5. We will provide education on ecosystem services to all employees to deepen their understanding of biodiversity conservation.

Promoting Activities to Preserve Biodiversity

Based on the Group’s Biodiversity Vision, The CITIZEN Group continues to resolve issues related to biodiversity and conduct conservation activities in the regions where it operates.

In 2020, CITIZEN WATCH initiated the Eco Tree ACTION program, wherein customers opting out of receiving a box for their purchased CITIZEN brand watch have a mangrove seedling donated through the international NGO, NICE. The boxes, primarily composed of paper, contribute to approximately 1.3 tons of CO2 emissions for every 10,000 boxes. Additionally, since the same year, CITIZEN WATCH has been transitioning to digital instruction manuals available in nine languages, replacing the previously printed paper manuals. This effort has resulted in an annual reduction of 20 tons of CO2 emissions (equivalent to the yearly carbon absorption of 1,400 cedar trees) and the conservation of 37 tons of paper (equivalent to the volume of 3.7 buses).

CITIZEN WATCH also endorses the Ministry of the Environment's "30 by 30" alliance, which aims to conserve at least 30% of Japan's land area as a natural environmental area by 2030. CITIZEN plans to join this alliance in FY2023.

[Case Study] Eco Tree ACTION Program to Donate a Mangrove in Exchange for a Box for Watch


Starting on November 1, 2020, CITIZEN WATCH has been conducting Eco Tree ACTION program in which a mangrove* seedling is donated through the international NGO, NICE if a customer chooses not to need a box to put a watch in when purchasing a CITIZEN brand watch.

Under this program, more than 21,000 seedlings are donated each year, and 21,000 boxes are equivalent to 2.7 tons in terms of CO2 emissions (equivalent to the annual CO2 absorption of approximately 190 cedar trees).

Mangroves absorb a large amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and contribute to the prevention of global warming, which is considered a factor in climate change. The planting of mangroves helps not only protect the diversity of many species living in brackish water, but also the livelihoods of people living in coastal areas.

  • * Plants that grow in brackish water areas where seawater and freshwater are mixed are collectively called “mangroves.”

[Case Study] Conservation Activities for Shijimiaeoides divinus (Class I Endangered Species)


We are working as a member of the local "Shijimiaeoides divinus Protection Group" at CITIZEN FINEDEVICE’s Kitamomaki Plant (Tomi-shi, Nagano Prefecture), one of the habitats for large shijimi blue butterfly, Shijimiaeoides divinus, which is listed as a class I endangered species. We have participated in conservation activities since 2003 by planting the bean plant “Clara,” which is a food plant for the butterfly, on the premises and making efforts to maintain the habitat, including pest control. We are working on conservation activities by conducting field burning, which is carried out for the purpose of exterminating natural enemies for the butterfly such as moths and bees. We also sponsor “parent-and-child observation events" to deepen the understanding among the local community, open our grounds and facilities to the public, and attract many participants, not only from the neighborhood but also from outside the prefecture.

Taking photos of large shijimi blue butterfly alighting on its food plant, “Clara”
Large shijimi blue butterfly

[Case Study] CITIZEN Forest Office, a working space on a former factory site


At the Tokyo Office, which houses the headquarters of CITIZEN WATCH, we are dedicated to enhancing the well-being of our employees through a unique indoor-outdoor work environment concept. We have placed a strong emphasis on integrating both indoor and outdoor spaces.

We have invested significant efforts in creating and maintaining green areas. In 2019, we transformed a former factory and parking lot into a sprawling 4,000 square-meter green space known as the "CITIZEN Forest." This outdoor sanctuary has been thoughtfully designed to serve as a workspace, featuring benches for meetings and stand tables for coffee breaks, amongst other amenities.

The CITIZEN Forest caters to our employees' professional needs and fulfills a broader role within the community. It acts as a destination for educational field trips for elementary school students, allowing them to connect with nature. Additionally, the space fosters community engagement by facilitating interactions with nature and promoting a sense of unity.

Furthermore, we view the green space as an integral component of the local ecological network. To contribute to the natural environment, we have strategically introduced various Musashino's diverse tree species. These trees serve as a welcoming habitat for local birds and insects, enabling them to easily traverse the area.

Acknowledging that our operational endeavors draw support not solely from natural resources and energy, but also from the advantages bestowed by biodiversity, we remain committed to the ongoing nurturing and utilization of green spaces. Our overarching objective is to foster a harmonious coexistence with the natural world.

This initiative has yielded a CO2 absorption capacity of 18.4 tons per year.