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Members of the Citizen Group
make it their personal mission to give back

The Citizen Group celebrates its 100th anniversary in 2018. As a way to mark this important milestone that kicks off the next stage of our ongoing evolution, we've launched a new project titled the Citizen Social Contribution Dispatch System. This program sends Citizen Group employees to a variety of destinations both in Japan and overseas to engage in activities that help those communities overcome various challenges.

It is our hope that this new project will give our employees a more profound understanding of our corporate policy to be "loved by citizens, working for citizens" while contributing to our continued development and growth as a company.

The Citizen Group sees companies as being made up of people, and has always provided its employees with various growth opportunities. We believe that in order to produce products and services that people love, our employees need to learn about society and the world. Employees need to broaden their perspectives, leverage their newfound knowledge, and breathe fresh life into their organizations. That is why we send them out to international organizations and other group companies. The Citizen Social Contribution Dispatch System is guided by these same convictions, and we intend to implement it year after year in hopes of continuing our social contribution into the next hundred years as well.


The Citizen
First Watch Project(learning/education)

The Citizen First Watch Project is series of watchmaking workshops that taps into the monozukuri techniques at the heart of the Citizen Group to teach the joy of monozukuri craftsmanship and the importance of time.

The project will kick off in Thailand and the Philippines, two countries that are home to Citizen overseas production centers and that struggle with unequal educational opportunities for children. Back in Japan, the city of Kani in Gifu Prefecture has a large number of children who have emigrated from overseas with their parents but are unable to enroll in school due to the language barrier. Watches that the children craft with their own hands during workshops will allow them to keep time in the years ahead as they set their sights on their dreams for the future. For the children who will lead the next generation, creating original wristwatches allows them to experience the sense of accomplishment that comes with making things as well as the joy of learning new things.


The environment

For decades, the Citizen Group has used small precision devices and high-efficiency electronics technologies to craft products that are friendly to both people and the environment. With notable recent advances like our solar-powered Eco-Drive watches, we have retained a firm commitment to our corporate policy to be "loved by citizens, working for citizens." Employees at our production centers in Japan and overseas work together with local communities as active participants in environmental conservation activities.

In recent years rural parts of Japan have seen the destruction of natural habitats at the hands of development as well as an increase in the number of abandoned fields and untended forests due to depopulation and aging communities. This has thrown off the delicate ecological balance of these areas. Citizen is engaged in mangrove planting and forest conservation activities in areas like this in Cambodia and Tochigi Prefecture as part of its social contribution efforts.

The Citizen Group also has a production center in Nagano Prefecture, where it is working to create more sustainable environmental conditions and communities by inviting companies and individuals from urban areas to come out and experience the natural beauty of the area. This helps us infuse our cities and towns with new energy. By helping communities with challenges like environmental conservation and depopulation, we hope to build a more sustainable environment and society for all.


Disaster relief

The Citizen Group has engaged in a variety of aid projects to help with recovery in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011. Today, more than seven years since the disaster, as memories of the earthquake start to fade, there are few reports on the status of the recovery effort.
Meanwhile, the disaster-stricken areas still suffer from a host of problems - among them issues with roads, public transportation, and other infrastructure that support everyday life, delays in the recovery of local industries, and population drain. There are countless more challenges that remain largely invisible to the casual observer. In order to better understand exactly what these communities need, the Citizen Group has been working alongside local NPOs in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture to get involved with local citizens and areas still in the midst of recovery and provide the support they say will help them most.

Our social contribution activities
The eighth rule in the Citizen Group Code of Conduct states, "Strive to contribute to regional communities in which we operate." As a member of the global community, we conduct business activities that will positively contribute to society, value our ties to local communities while engaging through our various group companies, and work to revitalize and energize regional areas. We also maintain critical partnerships with local governments, NPOs/NGOs, volunteer groups, and more to better carry out our social contribution activities as we strive to be good corporate citizens.
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