Social Contribution Activities

In accordance with The CITIZEN Group Social Contribution Policy, which is based on the basic policy of contributing to local communities, The CITIZEN Group holds numerous events, such as class sessions, work-study experience, plant tours, and workshops, for children and people with disabilities in the community. The aim of these events is to provide children who will lead the next generation with opportunities to experience a sense of accomplishment in manufacturing and learn about new things. In addition to having children learn the enjoyment of manufacturing, we also engage in activities including explaining The CITIZEN Group's businesses and social contributions to junior high school students and visiting universities to give lectures. By providing such opportunities to experience “what it means to work” and “what kinds of jobs are available,” we also aim to develop Japanese manufacturing through fostering the next generation. We will continue our activities toward the realization of a society in which all children can have hopes and dreams.

Based on The CITIZEN Group Social Contribution Policy, our initiatives focus on the following fields.