Environmental Management

The CITIZEN Group promotes environmental management to efficiently generate steady results as it aims for Group-wide optimization through establishing an environmental management structure spanning the entire Group.

Environmental Management Structure

To promote efficient environmental management, The CITIZEN Group has established a Group environmental management system. In FY2020, the Group Environmental Committee, chaired by a director appointed by the president (director in charge of environmental affairs), was established under the Sustainability Committee, chaired by the president of CITIZEN WATCH, to examine risks, opportunities, countermeasures, and other matters concerning environmental issues of the Group in general.

The CITIZEN Group Environmental Committee Organizational Chart


Organizations / Products, Activities, and Services Applicable to the Environmental Management System (EMS)

Organizations to which the Environmental Management System (EMS) is applied/applicable regarding products, activities, and services

  1. EMS-applicable organizations

    EMS is applicable to the following companies and their subject plants or offices.

    • CITIZEN WATCH CO., LTD. (Tokyo Works / Tokorozawa Works)
    • CITIZEN MACHINERY (Karuizawa Headquarters, Tokorozawa Works, Kitakami Works, Saku Works)
    • CITIZEN FINEDEVICE (Headquarters / Kawaguchiko Plant, Miyota Plant, Kitamimaki Plant, FUJIMI)
    • CITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN (Headquarters / Fujiyoshida Plant)
    • CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING (Tokorozawa Head Office Plant, Saitama Tanashi Plant, Saitama Sayama Plant, Saitama Yoshimi Plant, Tohoku Kitakami Plant, Tohoku Kitakami-Minami Plant, Tohoku Soma Plant, Tohoku Nishiwaga Plant, Iida Tonooka Plant, Iida Matsuo Plant, Miyota Saku Plant, Kawaguchiko Fuji Plant, Kawaguchiko CFD Plant, Kagoshima Plant, Yubari Plant, Myoko Plant, Akita Plant)
    • CITIZEN MICRO (Headquarters, Chichibu Plant)
    • CITIZEN CHIBA PRECISION (Headquarters, Plant No.2)
    • CITIZEN ELECTRONICS TIMEL (Headquarters, First manufacturing division, Third manufacturing division, Sakaigawa Plant)
  2. EMS-applicable products, activities, and services

    EMS is applicable to target products (watches, machine tools, small precision parts, devices/electronic equipment/other products) as well as related activities and services (research, development, design, procurement, manufacturing, sales, etc.).

Acquisition Status of ISO 14001 Certification

The CITIZEN Group is promoting the acquisition of ISO14001 EMS certification at its domestic and overseas production bases. All 12 companies in Japan, excluding sales companies, etc., have acquired the certification, as have 12 of our 13 overseas production bases. In addition, we have acquired ISO14001 Group-wide unified certification in Japan and are continuing to optimize activities and strengthen environmental governance throughout the Group.

In FY2022, a maintenance audit was conducted by sampling, and conformity with the maintenance of certification was determined.

Please refer to the data list for the statuses of the certification acquisition (acquired companies and offices, acquisition dates) in the link.

Environmental Risk Management

The CITIZEN Group's Group Environmental Committee promotes environmental risk management, including compliance with environmental laws and regulations, reduction of GHG emissions, management of chemical substances contained in products, waste and recycling governance, and measures for soil and groundwater contamination. The Group Environmental Committee meets twice a year and exchanges detailed information with Group companies on the status of waste and recycling governance and soil contamination and how to deal with them. In addition, potential environmental risks are identified through "Group Internal Environmental Audits" to prevent environmental accidents and promote information sharing within the Group.

In FY2022, there were no serious violations of environment-related laws and regulations, fines or penalties.

Group Internal Environmental Audits

In addition to annual external audits by an ISO audit organization and internal audits conducted by internal auditors at each plant once or twice a year, The CITIZEN Group companies conduct the annual "Group Internal Environmental Audit”, in which auditors from each Group company audit other plants. This is a meaningful measure that allows each company to identify environmental risks by auditing other companies’ plants that are not usually seen and bring back to its own company the good practices of other companies. In FY2022, the Internal Environmental Audits were conducted by sampling at 6 companies and 9 sites in Japan to continuously improve the EMS.