Promoting Social Contribution Activities

CITIZEN Volunteer Club

Since establishing the Citizen Volunteer Club in CITIZEN WATCH in October 2008, as a company whose corporate philosophy is “Loved by citizens, working for citizens,” we have promoted activities to encourage individual employees to reconsider the challenges society faces through voluntary participation in activities intended to contribute in such areas as complying with the UN Global Compact and achievement of the SDGs.

Let’s Send Toothbrushes to Children in the Philippines! (started in 2010)



As a corporation participating in the United Nations Global Compact, the CITIZEN Group carries out activities aimed at eradicating world poverty. In 2020, by collecting 3,578 toothbrushes, towels and stationery items in Japan and sending them to the Philippines, executives and employees from group companies participated in the “Support Medical Care in the Philippines, Hello Alson” project, which implements free dental health activities in slum communities in the Philippines.

Supporting Learning with Used Books (started in 2016)


Thank You Books Logo

“Thank You Books” is an activity that through the efforts of each and every one of us aims to create a society that turns objects that we throw away everyday into donations that can help solve social issues. In the period from 2016, when it started this activity, to FY2020, the CITIZEN Group has donated 19,264 books to KIDS’ DOOR, an NPO that works to address child poverty and educational disparities within Japan in order to achieve a society where all children can have dreams and hopes. We will continue to support the organization through our Thank You Books activity.