Promoting Social Contribution Activities

Based on our corporate philosophy “Loved by citizens, working for citizens,” the CITIZEN Group values coexistence with our local communities and strives to contribute to society as a good corporate citizen. We also strive to address social challenges through our businesses and fulfill our responsibilities as members of the international community in order to build a sustainable society by achieving progress together with our communities. Article 8 of the CITIZEN Group Code of Conduct calls for us to "Strive to contribute to local communities in which we operate." We cooperate in stimulating our communities while valuing Group companies' connections with them through business activities that will benefit society as members of society ourselves.
We also aim to fulfill our responsibilities as good corporate citizens through cooperation with the partners we need to contribute to society, such as local governments, NPOs, NGOs, and volunteer organizations. The CSR Office of CITIZEN WATCH plays a central role in advancing these activities.

Business Strategies and Social Contribution Activities

Identifying sustainable management as a priority in Medium-Term Management Plan 2021, the CITIZEN Group will strive to deliver solutions to societal challenges through our business activities. Under the social contribution mission program, which began in FY 2018, we aim to realize sustainable management by sending employees of the CITIZEN Group to various local areas to face and tackle social issues and gain new insights through participation in social contribution activities.

Contributing to Society through Our Businesses

In accordance with the CITIZEN Group Social Contribution Policy, which is based on the basic policy of contributing to local communities, aiming to provide the next generation with opportunities to experience the sense of satisfaction that comes from making things and to learn about new subjects, the CITIZEN Group holds numerous events, such as courses, work experience, plant tours, and workshops, for children and people with disabilities in the community. In addition to teaching children about the enjoyment of manufacturing, other activities include teaching middle-school students about the CITIZEN Group's businesses and social contributions and providing visiting lectures at universities. These activities are intended to contribute to training the next generation in Japanese manufacturing by providing opportunities to experience what it means to work and what kinds of jobs are available. These activities will continue as we aim to realize a society in which all children can have hopes and dreams.

Specific Efforts in Social Contribution Activities

Based on the CITIZEN Group Social Contribution Policy, our initiatives focus on the following fields.
*In FY 2020, some activities were canceled or held online due to COVID-19

Other Activities