Request for Green Procurement

The CITIZEN Group conducts “green procurement,”which prioritizes suppliers who are proactive about environmental management, and purchases products, parts, and materials with low environmental impact.
We ask our business partners to understand the importance of environmental management activities and seek their continued support in our endeavors. For details, please refer to the “CitizenGroup Green Procurement Standards” and "Annex(List of controlled substances)" (Revised October 2021).

”Citizen Group Green Procurement Standards” (Version 14)

"Annex(List of controlled substances)" (Version 14)

Matters to Be Submitted by Business Partners

Matters to be submitted in accordance with the “CitizenGroup Green Procurement Standards”
Please contact the specific CITIZEN Group procurement company for details about submission procedures.
For further details, please refer to the “Citizen Group Green Procurement Standards”.

Items to be submitted in written form

Please download the following document.

”Declaration of conformity”(Version14)

Items to be submitted electronically

Chemical information Sharing and Exchange under Reporting Partnership in supply chain.(chemSHERPA)

Providing information on contained chemical substances for procurement items

To comply with European REACH regulations and other regulations related to contained chemicals, information regarding chemical substances in procured products is to be submitted using a common format (chemSHERPA-CI/AI), as per Joint Article Management Promotion-consortium (JAMP). Please click here for details on JAMP.

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