Human Rights and Labor-Management Relations

Basic Concept for Human Rights

The CITIZEN Group signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2005, and makes Group-wide efforts to maintain, respect, and practice the 10 principles relating to “Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.” We also set up the basic policy of “Respect human rights and diversity, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment,” in the fourth articles of the “Citizen Group Code of Conduct,” with guidelines regarding respecting human rights, establishing pleasant working environment, and ensuring safety and health of employees in workplaces.

Relationship with the Labor Union

Each company in the CITIZEN Group works to build stable labor-management relations through periodic and mutually respectful negotiations and discussions between the labor union, which represents the employees, and the company, viewing such as an opportunity for the labor union to engage in dialogue with management and exchange views. Overseas group companies hold talks with labor unions or employee representatives in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country. Going forward, each group company will hold talks on group operational mechanisms and systems as well as optimal working environments in order to raise corporate value and improve employee satisfaction.

Prevention of Harassment

The CITIZEN Group has established rules on the prevention of the social problems of sexual harassment and power harassment and strived to raise awareness of the need to prevent harassment through such means as holding harassment prevention seminars led by attorneys and outside consultants. We have also developed Harassment Prevention Rules covering these types of harassment, as well as harassment related to such subjects as pregnancy, childbirth, childcare leave, and family-care leave, and we have established and are operating the CITIZEN Group Compliance Hotline. CITIZEN WATCH has also set up a consultation window for harassment in the workplace and accepts a wide range of consultations on harassment.