Promoting Career Development for Women


The President of CITIZEN WATCH has committed the company's aims to promote diversity and proactively develop related environments. To date, it has established a study team on the promotion of diversity and listened to the views of numerous employees in order to ascertain current conditions and to consider the measures needed in order to enable each and every member of its diverse workforce to thrive. Examples of specific efforts include diversity training sessions by external lecturers to raise the awareness of managers, and training for employees in their child-rearing years and their managers, regardless of gender. In these programs, participants learned through various workshops and discussions about such matters as how to interact with family members, colleagues, superiors, and others to enable employees to continue to succeed and demonstrate their abilities even in the face of various limitations. In FY 2018, lunch meetings were held to raise awareness of the programs available for employees of child-rearing age and to support stable career formation by planning early for changes in life stages and considering lifestyles with flexibility. In FY 2019, these lunch meetings have been held periodically as efforts were kept toward raising awareness of support programs and encouraging mutual understanding across the boundaries between divisions and generations. In FY 2020, the lunch meetings were held online in response to COVID-19. In addition, programs have been adopted, such as staggered working hours for childcare and a flextime program, to realize more flexible ways of working, as well as the job return registration program to provide opportunities for reemployment for those who have resigned for such reasons as a spouse’s job transfer.
We will continue to carry out various efforts while valuing the voices of our employees.

Support for Making Work More Comfortable for Women
and Enabling Them to Succeed

At CITIZEN WATCH, in recent years 100% of those eligible have taken and returned from maternity leave, and this has led to the recognition of the need to achieve a working environment in which women can thrive. In order to be a company in which women employees can thrive even more in the truest sense, in addition to enabling them to continue working through such life events as marriage and childbirth, activities are underway aimed at increasing the numbers of women hired and promoted to managerial positions. These activities are leading to steady results that include the appointment of the first woman facility general manager in the CITIZEN Group at CITIZEN WATCH AUSTRALIA.