Promoting Work-Life Balance

Basic Concept for Work-Life Balance

The CITIZEN Group is working to put in place the necessary framework to create an ideal working environment in which all employees can strike a balance between their work and private lives.
The group consistently strives to eliminate excessive overtime and work overload and to avoid excessive working hours from the viewpoints of ensuring compliance with the Labor Standards Act of Japan and relevant laws of other countries as well as the management of employee health.

Schemes and Initiatives for Ideal Working Environments

CITIZEN WATCH seeks to create a pleasant working environment by allowing employees to take paid time off in increments of one hour and other measures. Shortened working hours for parents with children enrolled in the fourth year of elementary school and below is also available, and working hours may be reduced by two hours per day so employees can provide nursing care. On other fronts, to support employees raising children, we have extended the eligibility for our “school-pool-leave” scheme to parents with a child aged up to the end of junior high school as a means of promoting work flexibility.
The company strives to avoid excessively long working hours and to eliminate excessive overtime and work overload from the viewpoint of conforming to the Labor Standards Act and in consideration of employee health management. To this end, overtime hours are monitored by department and guidance is provided to managers as appropriate. Communication with labor unions also occurs as necessary to ensure appropriate management of work hours.

Introduction of a Telework System and Expansion of the Flexible Working System

CITIZEN WATCH launched an employee-led working improvement project with the aim of increasing productivity and creating an environment in which all employees can work with enthusiasm, and has been working to improve operations at each workplace and introduce systems to improve efficiency.
In FY 2020, for purposes that included enhancement of work-life balance in response to increasingly diverse work styles, we established a teleworking system and expanded application of the flextime system to employees other than those caring for children, among other measures intended to realize flexible work styles freed from time and location constraints.
In addition, the swift migration to teleworking from home during the recent COVID-19 pandemic helped both to stop the spread of the virus and to minimize its impact on business.
Together with the above work process improvement project, we will promote solutions and improvements with employees playing a central role for new work styles from the perspective of business continuity during emergencies, such as the COVID-19 pandemic as well.

Acquisition of the “Kurumin” Mark

Kurumin certification is a program in which the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare certifies companies that support employees who are raising children. In order to be accredited, a company must formulate an action plan based on the Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, achieve the action plan targets and satisfy certain requirements.
CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING was awarded the Kurumin certification of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on December 11, 2018 as a company that supports employees pursuing both a career and family life.
The certification recognizes the company’s introduction of systems that go beyond legal requirements, which are intended to encourage all employees, including those currently raising or intending to raise a family, to pursue long-term career development. The company also launched awareness-raising activities to encourage employees to take advantage of such systems, and promoted various other measures to create a supportive work environment with a view to helping employees achieve a good work-life balance.

Kurumin Mark