Respect for Human Rights

Human Rights Initiatives toward Sustainable Growth

Since its founding, the CITIZEN Group has aimed to contribute broadly to the lives of people around the world through our business activities based on our corporate philosophy “Loved by citizens, working for citizens.” As an enterprise that does business worldwide, in 2005, the CITIZEN Group signed the United Nations Global Compact, which consists of 10 principles related to human rights, labor, the environment, and anticorruption.
In addition, the CITIZEN Group Code of Conduct, which serves as the basis of employee activities, has been expanded to include suppliers' activities as well, calling for business activities based on respect for employees' human rights. We have carried out proactive activities to achieve dissemination of this Code throughout the supply chain. With the launch of the Medium-Term Management Plan 2021, in April 2019, we established the CITIZEN Group Human Rights Policy based on our policies of taking on the challenges of sustainable management Group-wide and aiming to contribute further to achievement of the SDGs through our business activities. This Human Rights Policy serves as a reaffirmation of the CITIZEN Group’s responsibilities for and its approaches to respect for human rights.
In April 2019, we also announced our Statement on Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking and the CITIZEN Group Policy on Conflict Minerals, under which we will carry out sustainable management while fulfilling our responsibilities as a global enterprise, based on a recognition of issues related to human rights.
As for the Modern Slavery Act, in FY 2019, we began suppliers' self-assessment by sending our Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ), and we are working to reduce the risk of human rights violations. In addition, we have engaged with NGOs and experts and received third-party opinions on the CITIZEN Group's initiatives on human rights. For example, we conducted an engagement with the Conservation International Japan, an international environmental NGO, on human rights issues concerning suppliers and environmental matters. As a result, issues, such as improving the SAQ and promoting sustainable procurement, which the Group needs to address in the future were identified.

Establishment of Citizen Group Human Rights Policy

The CITIZEN Group endorses the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and, in April 2019, formulated a Human Rights Policy accordingly. The Human Rights Policy pledges respect for the dignity and rights of all stakeholders in the business of the CITIZEN Group and affirms that the Group does not take part in human rights abuses, and that in the event its business operations do negatively affect a person’s human rights, the Group will offer remedy to the affected parties and take a corrective response.

Initiatives Related to Respect for Human Rights

Together with respecting the human rights of all stakeholders who could be impacted by our business activities, the CITIZEN Group proactively carries out various communication and training activities to ensure thorough understanding and permeation of various policies and rules on respect for human rights. We also conduct periodic surveys of suppliers and employees to identify human rights risks and are establishing various consultation and whistleblowing hotlines as means of providing relief.

Statement Regarding Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

This statement was created in line with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015. CITIZEN Group (Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. and its Group companies) declares that it will work to prevent any infringements to human rights through both its businesses and supply chain. CITIZEN’s efforts relating to abolishing modern slavery and human trafficking are as follows.