Financial Highlights

Financial Results for 1-3Q(Apr-Dec)of FY 2023

Net sales increased 3.8% to JPY 238.8 billion, reflecting strong performance mainly in the Watches segment.
Operating profit rose 11.3% to JPY 23.4 billion, mainly driven by the Watches segment.
The operating profit margin stood at 9.8%.
Ordinary profit and profit attributable to owners of parent climbed 12.4% and 5.0% respectively, to JPY 27.4 billion and JPY 20.6 billion.

Result by Business Segments for 1-3Q(Apr-Dec)of FY 2023
Watches (Operating Performance)


Finished watch sales increased mainly because the European market remained brisk, and also because a modest recovery trend was maintained in the domestic market. 

  In sales of movements, analog quartz movements did not grow as expected. Even so, net sales increased because mechanical movements remained firm.

Machine Tools (Operating Performance)

Machine Tools

Net sales were JPY 20.7 billion, down 7.7% year on year. Operating profit decreased by 21.1% from the year-ago level, to JPY 2.2 billion.

  Domestic sales decreased, despite steady sales for the construction machinery and medical equipment industries, which was more than offset by cautious stance on capital expenditures.
Overseas sales decreased overall, despite the solid showing in Europe and the Americas which was more than offset by the slump in China and Asia.

FY 2023 Forecasts
FY2023 Forecast by Business Segment