Satoru Arishiro
2006winners contribution to society
Through his own efforts, established a mobile petting zoo by accepting animals turned in to a koban police station
Satoru Arishiro

Born: 1944; from: Fukui Prefecture, Japan

Award summary

Ever since his days as a policeman, Mr. Arishiro has taken care of stray animals that have been taken to the police. Even after his retirement, he has continued to promote the importance of life by holding events of his traveling zoo named "the 110 Zoo." An encounter on the first day of his job at a police box changed his life. He failed to save a newly-hatched turtledove taken to his police box by some small girls, and let it die. Since then, he has taken home the animals taken to the police one after another to take care of them, while going to a zoo to learn how to keep animals on his days off. Because the animals sometimes caused trouble in his neighborhood, he had lots of difficulties in keeping them.

However, in the summer of 2006, a house for his animals was completed on land that he spent all his retirement money to buy. Now, about 150 animals of 40 kinds, including iguanas, tortoises and raccoons, live there.

Upon request, Mr. Arishiro visits mainly kindergartens and elementary schools to hold events of a voluntary traveling zoo. It takes about two hours to enjoy an event consisting of a traveling zoo and Mr. Arishiro's lecture. Taking the health of the animals into consideration, he holds most such traveling-zoo events during the period from the end of April to October. However, he has already held more than 600 events. He spent his salary to feed his animals when he was a policeman, and now spends his pension. This is why he lives with his eldest son and his wife.

Reasons for this award

Immediately after he started to work as a policeman, Mr. Arishiro faced the death of a living creature and the sadness of small girls caused from the death. This experience drove him to start a new life where he takes charge of animals taken to the police. He is serious enough to learn how to keep animals. Even after his retirement, he has continued to practice this good deed, persistently promoting the importance of life through the contact with people in his traveling-zoo events. In the brutal atmosphere of the present time, Mr. Arishiro's attempt is extremely outstanding. Moreover, we should not overlook the cooperation of his family members, who you can easily guess have had many difficulties in supporting him.

Comments from the winner

Whenever I see animals abandoned or wounded, I feel how desolate the human spirit is in a world where people are absorbed in pursuing money and materialistic desires. The generosity of the human spirit is the foundation of human society. I think that, in order to cultivate a sense of generosity, we should begin to teach our children moral sentiments at an early stage of their education. I consider direct contact with animals as a good opportunity, in which children can learn the importance of life and consideration to others.

Keeping this in mind, I have continued to keep animals and hold traveling-zoo events. I am really happy to see my efforts appreciated. By the way, I spend so much time to take care of animals day after day that I cannot spare enough time for my family. So, I would also like to thank my family for understanding and supporting me.