What is "Citizen of the Year"?

Citizen Watch established the Citizen of the Year award (the "Citizen Award") in 1990. Reflecting the Company's name, the award aims to commend citizens from a broad perspective in this age where citizens are considered the main players in society. Award recipients are chosen each year from among Japanese nationals or citizens of other countries residing in Japan, in recognition of the impressions they have made on other citizens and their contributions to the development, happiness and beautification of communities.

Message from the President

We will continue to support activities that inspire people and awaken hope in society.

Citizen of the Year started in 1990 to honor citizens who contribute to social progress and the creation of happiness while creating an attractive society as well as becoming a great inspiration for others. This year, we will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the award.

This year as well, we commended some wonderful people.

Members of the Obirame Restoration Group are engaged in activities to protect Japanese huchen. Akiko Yata is committed to expanding and training the number of community nurses, who work closely with communities. In addition, people from the Start Line Tokyo support runners with prosthetic limbs. We are moved by the recipients' warm compassion and kindness toward others.

We hope that their activities will continue for a long time.

We will also make the greatest efforts to help build a sustainable society by engaging in activities to solve various social issues through business, including the achievement of SDGs.

We will continue to highlight citizens who make an impression on society, praise their activities and support them through Citizen of the Year.