What is "Citizen of the Year"?

Citizen Watch established the Citizen of the Year award (the "Citizen Award") in 1990. Reflecting the Company's name, the award aims to commend citizens from a broad perspective in this age where citizens are considered the main players in society. Award recipients are chosen each year from among Japanese nationals or citizens of other countries residing in Japan, in recognition of the impressions they have made on other citizens and their contributions to the development, happiness and beautification of communities.

Message from the President

Recognizing and supporting citizens' activities inspired by kindness, courage and passion, now and in the future

We established the Citizen of the Year Award in 1990 because we wanted to come up with a fitting way to commend citizens, echoing the company's name. Ever since then, we have been shining a light on inspirational citizens and recognizing everything that they do for society.

It seems we are constantly being bombarded with words like division, discrimination and intolerance these days, as people seem to be thinking more and more about their own interests. The activities undertaken by recipients of this award however fly in the face of this trend. They are motivated by consideration and kindness towards others, by the courage to keep moving forwards no matter what, and by passion. Seeing people doing what they can for the sake of others, or their local community, is like a ray of light for a brighter future.

As well as continuing to recognize good citizens based on the theme of "inspiration" in the future, we are determined to keep on asking ourselves what we can do for the good of society too.