Prosthesis and Orthosis Supporter's Association for Afghanistan
2002winners international contributions
Produces prostheses and donates them to people in Afghanistan
Prosthesis and Orthosis Supporter's Association for Afghanistan

Born: 1948; from: Nara Prefecture, Japan

Award summary

Mr. Takiya lost his parents when he was small, and he was raised in a nursing home. He has lost the use of legs when he was 7 years old due for a medical reason, but after 3 years, he started using artificial limbs and freed from life with crutches. This experience made him decide to be an artificial limb technician. Encounter between him and Afghanistan was 28 years ago when he worked in a hospital as a JICA trainer for a year. May of last year, he returned to Afghanistan after 26 years to make an artificial leg for a girl. He faced a number of victims of mines; he keenly realized the needs for support to this country. After the United States made their progress to Afghanistan, the association was established when some of his co-workers and friends responded to Mr. Takiya's call in April, last year. Until August, they finished getting sizes from 63 people, and 23 completed artificial limbs were delivered in December. Technicians work on Sundays and they recycle the used artificial limbs to save costs. It is necessary to adjust sizes of artificial limbs as people grow; therefore they aim to establish a school of artificial limb technician in Afghanistan in 5 years.

Reasons for this award

His international contribution is a part of his extended business; however his conviction for Afghanistan is a great centripetal force. Those who responded to Mr. Takiya's call should also be recognized as well. In addition to their hard work done in Japan, they must spend a lot of money traveling back and force between Japan and Afghanistan for sizing and fitting. We hope their success in establishing a school over there.

Comments from the winner

I heard that this award is for those who impressed citizens, but I think I'm the one who is impressed. I cannot forget when a child finally smiled to look at her mother stand up who lost her legs but kept taking care of her child by crawling everyday in Afghanistan. The prize money will be a part of establishing a school.