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    ◆ watches

    Giving birth to new innovations from the fusion of design and technical prowess

    We want to produce watches that are loved by people around the world. This desire incorporates our continuing pursuit of new beauty and leading-edge technology.
    We will continue to create the future of watches to provide new values of watches that fascinate the people around the world who wear them.

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    Street Lights and Stadium Lights

    ◆ LEDs for lighting

    Creating new illuminated spaces at home, on the street and in the city

    Citizen's LED package for lighting is a set of products that fit various uses, including the high-output type and high-efficiency type that boast of having the highest levels of output and efficiency in the world. These lights give adequate illumination even when installed in high places (such as in the case of street lamps and panel lights on highways), they have low lamp replacement frequency, and require significantly less maintenance.

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    ◆ Pedometer

    Supporting the motivation to walk

    We support the health of everybody with convenient products that can measure the number of steps, walking distance and calories burned, as well as the distance to the station with the Zero Start function, the course of a walkathon, and specific areas in various scenes in our daily lives. Further, we have models that come with an IC card balance display function and various other models that meet your individual needs.

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    Mobile Printer

    ◆ Mobile Printer

    Full-fledged business specifications in a mobile format

    This printer can be connected to Smartphones and tablets. With various communication functions, electromagnetic card reader specifications, and a large-capacity battery, it can be used over a long period of time. It expands the range of businesses by enabling the use of mobile phones in factories and electronic accounts settlement and receipt issuance at the points of delivery, among others.

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    Cell Phone Base Stations

    ◆ Optical Communication Device Components

    Offering high-quality ceramic parts by applying advanced processing technology

    Sleeves and other optical communication device components that are born from the ceramic molding technology and precise polishing technology that are the pride of Citizen are winning high praise worldwide. Used in such devices as adapters and connectors for optical communication devices, these products bolster life as an accessible infrastructure as it serves as a hub for homes, communication lines and cell phones.

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