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    Clock Car

    ◆ Marathon Timers

    Official time/measurement monitoring in marathons and relay races

    Citizen has been engaged in time measurement at marathons since 1982.
    We have realized the accurate determination of the arrival sequence with the use of IC tags with low power consumption and high reception capacity, and the measurement of time in 1/1000-second increment. Aside from marathon events, we also provide scoreboards for indoor competitions such as table tennis, as well as large-size clocks at the Koshien Stadium.

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    Automotive Components

    ◆ Automotive Components

    Providing the world with high-value added parts

    We supply car manufacturers worldwide with the functional components of automobiles such as parts that make up the heart of the ABS (antilock brake system), engine-related parts and airbag components with the help of the precision cutting technologies that we have amassed from the watches component processing technology.

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    Car Navigation System

    ◆ LED Backlight Units

    Contributing to the enlargement of liquid crystal displays and the shift to ultra-slim panels

    The liquid crystal displays of cell phones and car navigation systems use a lot of LED backlights Units. Citizen contributes to the enlargement of liquid crystal screens and to the shift to ultra-slim panels through a method in which the light that has been irradiated through the white LED from the side of the liquid crystal panel is reflected onto the light guide plate to illuminate the entire panel.

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    Keyless Remote Control

    ◆ Compact Switches

    Playing a significant role in the evolution of products

    Together with the demand for compact and thinner switches, the requirements on durability and the feeling when the switch is pressed are also growing. Citizen continues to enhance its technologies and develop products with better reliability and feel toward the tapping of new markets such as earphones for cell phones and tablets, and keyless switches for cars.

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    Industrial Camcorder

    ◆ Electronic Viewfinder

    Realizing revolutionary high performance in the proprietary CRT technology

    Citizen's compact and high-resolution electronic viewfinder for camcorders uses our independently developed cathode-ray tube (CRT), thereby realizing compactness, lightness and high resolution. Our viewfinders are professionally used for camcorders at TV stations and film companies, so they contribute to the production of various programs that viewers enjoy.

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