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    System Clock

    ◆ System Clock

    Thinking about the needs in every place

    Citizen's system clocks tick down at train stations, parks, schools and other areas that people share, with the monument clock whose motif is the color of the region becoming a symbol of the town.
    Our clocks always show the accurate time thanks to their radio wave correction function. They are also friendly to the environment as they are powered by solar energy.

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    Books and Museum Promotional Goods

    ◆ Publishing

    Capitalizing on expertise in history and fine arts

    We handle guide books such as the "Sugu Wakaru (Learn Fast)" and "Motto Shiritai (I Want To Know More)" series that make it easier to understand the appeal of fine arts and traditional culture, as well as the Reading Corner at the Tokyo National Museum, Kyushu National Museum, Edo Tokyo Museum, MOA Arts Museum, Open-Air Museum and the Chiba City Museum of Art. Citizen is enjoying acclaim in the sale of specialized books on fine arts and culture.

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    Room Lighting and Art Display Lighting

    ◆ LEDs for lighting

    Focusing on the "quality of light" to make things look beautiful

    Citizen address the diverse needs in the market by focusing not only on brightness and luminous efficiency, but also on the "quality of light" that makes objects appear more beautiful.
    The LED light virtually has no ultraviolet and infrared rays, so it is perfect for illuminating works of art and crafts whose quality could be prone to deterioration when exposed to ultraviolet rays.

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