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Products/services used in the home scene

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    Electronic Products (TV)

    ◆ Crystal Oscillator

    Crystal oscillators that are vital to home electronics and a wide array of other fields

    Crystal oscillators are vital in the creation of products in a wide range of areas, including electronics, communications and information, OA, home electronics and automobiles. For instance, telephones will not work and PCs and clocks will not run if they do not have quartz crystal. Citizen's extremely small and slim products support people's lives.

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    Health Care Products

    ◆ Thermometer

    For easy and quick measurements!

    Our electronic thermometers pursue superior usability for easy and quick measurement. We even offer products that show the predicted temperature in as little as 15 seconds with the help of our proprietary algorithm. The liquid crystal screen on the thermometer displays large and bold characters that are easy to read, while its edge is flexible, giving it a snug fit in the armpit and making it safe for children and the elderly.

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    Health Care Products

    ◆ Blood Pressure Monitor

    Equipped with an atomic clock for simple initialization

    Our products target ease-of-use with such features as easy-to-operate large measurement buttons and easy-to-read large character displays. The model that is equipped with an atomic clock enables the automatic setting of date and time, thereby making initialization easier. Even when not being used to measure blood pressure, this device can still be used as a clock. Only Citizen can make this kind of blood pressure monitor.

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