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    Machine Tools

    ◆ NC Automatic Lathe

    "Individual product mass production" that supports manufacturing in the 21st century

    Citizen's automatic lathe supports the development of the global manufacturing industries of automobiles, medical equipment and information equipment. Seeing the spirit of manufacturing in the 21st century as "production that supports individualization and mass production-type efficiency," we have come up with the concept of "individual mass production," a revolutionary manufacturing process that supports aspects that we thought were in conflict.

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    Measuring Instruments

    ◆ Measuring Instruments

    "Measurement" that is indispensable in manufacturing

    Citizen has independently developed precision measuring instruments that accurately measure small parts toward the creation of compact precision equipment such as wristwatches. Aside from being used in the production lines for clock components centering on computerized digital gauges, this product is also embedded in the production/inspection lines of automobiles and bearings for checking precision and quality.

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    ◆ Coreless Motor and Gearhead

    For products in the domain of cutting-edge technology

    The high-precision, high-output micro motor is used in spindle motors for dental technicians, motors for rotary artificial hearts and other products with cutting-edge technology. Many of our products are developed and manufactured to suit the needs of customers. In the future, Citizen will step up developments in leading-edge technology in areas such as medicine, robots and space.

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    Barcode Label Printing

    ◆ Label Printer

    Printing labels, tags, tickets and barcodes

    Use this product for addresses, Barcode Label Printing and control label stickers of products at distribution warehouses and boost work efficiency with high-speed printing!

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