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    ◆ Calculator

    Supporting the business scene

    The calculator is indispensable at the office. From the classic type that is used in business, to the handy pocket-sized model, Citizen offers a wide array of calculators that support the business scene, including models with simple and slim designs.

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    ◆ Ferroelectric Micro LCDs

    High resolution at the top of the industry

    Ferroelectric Micro LCDs has an exceptionally fast response time that enables three times the resolution for the same pixel count. It is used in a wide range of areas, including digital (video) cameras, rear projection-type PC monitors, wide-screen TVs, liquid crystal front projectors and head-mounted displays.

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    ◆ Compact Switches

    Leading the market in micro switches

    Citizen's Compact switches are one of the industry's smallest switches. Adopting a sealed structure even with the click feeling during operation, our switches have the kind of superior waterproof and dust-proof performance that smartphones require. We have advanced technical developments in the "spring" which provides the key to high reliability and long service life, as well as realized the self-manufacturing of these parts.

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    Smartphones and Wearable Devices

    ◆ Compact Chip LEDs

    World's thinnest multicolor LED

    Our multicolor LEDs is loaded with three elements - RGB (red, green and blue) - in one package, which then produce various colors through the combination of emitted lights. It is mainly used in the indicators that show notifications on smartphones, wearable devices, personal computers and game consoles, and it addresses the need for compact and ultra-slim devices.

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