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  • 08

    Digital Camera

    ◆ Ferroelectric Micro LCDs

    A liquid crystal panel with the highest level of resolution in the world

    Citizen has realized a more elaborate design for the drive circuit and has increased the speed of liquid crystals toward the development of a high-definition liquid crystal panel (UXGA resolution) for electronic viewfinders that are mounted in mirror less cameras. With the liquid crystal panel that boasts of having the world's highest resolution, we plan to embark not only in the mirror less camera market, but also in the digital single-lens reflex camera market.

  • 09

    Wedding Rings

    ◆ Jewelry

    Giving the gift of jewelry to happy couples

    We also offer products in the Bridal Series that calls up the image of "Disney's Cinderella," starting with bridal and diamond/pearl jewelry. Our products are sold for a year each time, so you can get hold of "limited edition models" that can only be bought in the year that you get married. Citizen will continue to create jewelry that will make women happy.

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