ESG Initiatives at CITIZEN

Our corporate governance vision

The following is an example of our ESG endeavors.
The Citizen Group operates under the corporate philosophy, “Loved by citizens, working for citizens.” To realize this philosophy, we established the Citizen Group Code of Conduct.
In our new Medium-Term Management Plan 2021, we promote Sustainable Management as a priority across the Group, aiming to contribute to solutions to social issues like the SDGs, while improving our corporate value.

Citizen Group Code of Conduct

1.Act responsibly towards society and strive to raise the corporate value of the CITIZEN Group.

2.Create and promote products and services that demonstrate our commitment to safety, quality, and the environment.

3.Engage in business practices that are fair, transparent, open to competition, and responsible.

4.Respect human rights and diversity, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment.

5.Recognize the importance of environmental conservation, and take voluntary and proactive measures.

6.Manage and protect company assets in an appropriate manner.

7.Abstain from actions that would harm the company’s long-lasting values.

8.Strive to contribute to regional communities in which we operate.

Examples of ESG Initiatives at CITIZEN


1) Promoting Environmental Innovation

The Citizen Group has focused on providing environmentally friendly products and services, responding to global environmental laws and regulations, and enhancing audit capabilities.
Under our Medium-Term Environmental Plan 2024 , which is based on the Medium-Term Management Plan 2021, we aim to practice sustainable management, promising to manufacture our products in a sustainable manner in our sustainable factories.

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1) Commitment to Quality

We endeavor to create value through environmentally friendly innovation and in business processes throughout our value chain.

2) Respecting Human Rights and Labor Practices

The management activities  of Citizen Group emphasizes the creation of an environment where employees can work comfortably and flexibly, and this has been recognized, for instance with our inclusion in the MSCI Japan Empowering Women (WIN) Select Index.
In addition, as a company that operates global business, we fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights and also diversity, practicing the creation of work places where every employee can work safely and securely.

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3) Advancing Responsible Procurement

In 2017, we published the Citizen Group CSR Procurement Guidelines. To reslolve sosial issuee throughout our value chain, we are working to strengthen cooperation with our suppliers for both products and procurement activities.

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4) Pursuing Social Contribution Activities

The Citizen Group sets its social contribution policy based on the Citizen Group Code of Conduct item 8, “Strive to contribute to the regional communities in which we operate,” focusing on areas such as learning and education, the environment, sports, and support for disaster reconstruction.

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1) Strengthening Corporate Governance

We pursue initiatives to enhance our corporate governance by recognizing the importance of ensuring management transparency and monitoring multi-faceted business activities.

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2) Formulation of the Citizen Group Code of Conduct

The Citizen Group Code of Conduct sets forth the fundamental principle on how we should act day to day as a member of the Citizen Group. For CITIZEN, CSR activities mean practicing this code of conduct.

3) Ensuring compliance

We promote initiatives for ensuring compliance as the foundation for business in a group-wide manner, based on activities for ensuring that the Citizen Group Code of Conduct is properly instilled.

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4) Comprehensive Risk Management

By understanding, analyzing, and assessing risks, we respond to control risk in an appropriate manner.

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ESG Initiatives at CITIZEN

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