CSR Report 2018

Editorial Policy

The CITIZEN Group provides information on the CSR activities so that all stakeholders can gain an understanding of CSR activities. This digest version focuses on the selection of the CITIZEN Group’s materiality and the status of activities for each one.
The CITIZEN Group CSR website (http://www.citizen.co.jp/global/csr/) shows CSR activities in greater detail, including introducing examples of activities and data on the environment and society. In addition, the data compilation introduces the goals and achievements of environmental management activities, and each index for data from different fiscal years with a focus on “Report on Activities Associated with ISO 26000.” Comprehensive information on CSR activities has been posted on the website, which reports on various efforts, particularly social contribution activities.


Reporting Sites

Organizations Included in the Reporting Data
Economic Reporting Data: 20 companies in Japan, 77 companies overseas (97 companies in total)
Environmental Reporting Data: 20 companies in Japan, 15 companies overseas (35 companies in total)

Reporting Period

FY2017 (April 1, 2017 - March 31, 2018)

Reference Guidelines

This report includes information on disclosures based on GRI Sustainability Reporting Standard.