Respecting Diversity

We consider it to be the Citizen Group's duty as a company to respect individuals, embrace diversity, and create an environment in which employees can thrive.

Recruitment Activities

We hire new graduate recruits on a regular basis and experienced mid-career recruits from a long-term perspective at all Citizen Group companies. We also have a scheme in place whereby employees on fixed-term contracts can be promoted to permanent employees, depending on factors such as their level of enthusiasm and capabilities. When recruiting personnel, we focus on individual skills, aptitude and drive, in an effort to ensure equal opportunities and diversity.

New Graduate Recruitment (12 Major Group Companies)

New Graduate Recruitment (12 Major Group Companies)graph

Mid-Career Recruitment (12 Major Group Companies)

Mid-Career Recruitment (12 Major Group Companies)graph

Promoting Employment of People with Disabilities

We actively employ people with disabilities based on our basic policy of "working together." We will continue our focus on employing more workers with disabilities and increasing the scope of eligible job opportunities in the future.

Employment of People with Disabilities (12 Major Group Companies)

Employment of People with Disabilities (14 Major Group Companies)graph

Employing People with Disabilities

The Citizen Electronics Group is proactive in its recruiting of people with disabilities. Rather than boxing "people with disabilities" into one category, the group recognizes that different people have different levels of disability and that individual capabilities vary, and the group allocates tasks to them as befits their abilities. Currently, people with disabilities work in a variety of jobs. One worker, Mr. Asano has been unable to hear since birth. Although the company initially used a lamp to attract his attention when in the workplace, he has now been allocated a sign language day planner and his colleagues attend sign language classes so they can work together without the need for a lamp.

A sign language interpreter is called to assist with communications during large meetings. Modifications such as these help to smooth communications and lead to a comfortable working environment.

Mr.Osano is vibrant and proactive, and a truly positive influence on the workplace. He is also much-decorated. In addition to a gold medal in the electronic Equipment Assembly Division of the Abilympics, a national skills competition of people with disabilities (Abilympics) Electronic Equipment Assembly Division, Mr. Osano has earned a gold medal in the shot put at a Tokyo competition of the Japan Para-Sports Association, as well as a silver medal for the long jump.

Employing People with Disabilities
Sho Osano

Sho Osano

Supporting Activities for Employees with Disabilities

At Citizen Watch Goodrington (China) Ltd., 13 employees with disabilities are fulfilling various roles on the manufacturing floor. Each of these employees participates actively as part of the company’s valued workforce. We are innovating and improving the operation that employees with or without disabilities can further enhance their potential. In doing so, we are making concerted efforts to create a welcoming work environment for all employees.

​The Citizen Group regards the employment of people with disabilities as a social responsibility of a public entity to secure a valuable addition to its workforce and does not do so simply because it is stipulated by law. Under this belief, we aim to be a lively enterprise where all employees have a proper understanding of disabilities and diversity and are able to work together by leveraging the strengths of others while fully exercising their own abilities.

Supporting Activities for Employees with Disabilities
Supporting Activities for Employees with Disabilities

Embracing Diversity and Sensitivity

Recent years have seen increasing diversity in the human resources active in the workplace, including women, foreigners, seniors, and people with disabilities, and subsequently diversity management has become a consistent theme of corporate strategy. We believe that maintaining stable development requires us to embrace diversity management. In particular, we recognize the need to create workplaces that are welcoming to female employees. To this end, we asked female employees of different ages to discuss current conditions and the needs of the Citizen Group going forward.

Embracing Diversity and Sensitivity

Q. Do you find the Citizen Group an easy place for women to work?

Tsukada  I understand that nearly 100% of women return to work following maternity leave because it is possible to work reduced hours and easy to take off time for child-rearing. I don’t know that the systems here are particularly better than at other companies, but I have twice taken child-rearing leave. I attribute the fact that I am still working here to the understanding and cooperation of the people around me.
Suganuma  Many of my superiors are understanding, so it is easy to take advantage of these systems. I think this is a good place to work.
An  I almost think women are coddled. I am still in my study phase, but I would like to be given more work from the beginning.

Q. How should the Company be improved so that women could play a greater role?

Tsukada  First of all, there are few female employees. It seems to me that the number of women in management is particularly low.
Suganuma  I agree that there are few women. Fewer than 10% of the employees in my division are women.
Tsukada  Systems are in place, but I believe there is room for improvement in the system for returning after taking maternity leave. I think the productivity of female workers is high, as they are working against limited time.
An  I think the fact that these things exist is important, as it indicates the source of a problem.
Suganuma  For many women, I think that it might even cause problems.
Tsukada  During that time, you are so busy worrying about raising your child that your brain kind of ceases to function.
Suganuma  There is an appropriate time for bearing children, and there are also limits. I think it is difficult to match timing and opportunity. Women who want to work often put off marrying.

Q. Do you have any specific proposals?

Tsukada  I think the point to bear in mind—and not only for women—is to imagine marriage, child—rearing, and nursing care, and consider whether it is possible for you to continue working given the current systems.
An  It would be nice if there was a childcare facility within the company. That wouldn’t be unusual for a company of this size.
Tsukada  Yes, we have so much extra space on the grounds (laugh).
Suganuma  However, I would like to avoid creating the misunderstanding that women should be given special priority. Taking various factors into account, I would just like to see that things are fair.
Tsukada  Diversity is an essential part of competing as a global company. Companies that are actually growing have a high percentage of female managers. In this sense, we are significantly behind the curve globally. We won't be able to compete at a global level unless we have this awareness. Particularly for this reason, I believe it is important to create opportunities for people who have experienced childbirth and child-rearing to share their experiences inside the company. As society ages, we are going to be having similar sorts of issues with nursing care.

Q.What closing message would you like to share with Citizen Group employees?

Tsukada  Company work involves transfers. And although we may experience conflict, we should maintain a positive outlook as we persevere, recognizing that there are also many opportunities to benefit from working with good superiors and colleagues.
Suganuma  My first objective is to be able to continue working for a long time. I know that there will be times when opportunity and timing do not coincide ideally, but I think that as you work longer, eventually those two will come together. Pushing forward is vital, and we need to create an environment that will allow us to continue working.
An  Citizen Watch is truly a good company. It even has a good ambiance. But I don’t want to just take advantage of the positive things. Rather, I hope to express my opinions with the aim of making this an even better company where I can work for a long time. I hope that other women who join the company will put their all into their work and find that this is a company that they enjoy working in, as well.

Percentage of Women in Management Positions