Enhancement Lineups of Eco-Friendly Products

Based on a strong recognition of the impact that our products can have on the environment, the CITIZEN Group strives to improve products' environmental quality in the same way as for reliability and safety. Since eco-friendliness in products is an important element of the "sustainable products" that the CITIZEN Group aims to realize in its sustainable management, we are expanding the number of eco-friendly products in order to realize sustainable management.

Efforts Expand of Eco-Friendly Products

The CITIZEN Group strives to enhance its environmentally products. It conducts product environmental assessments on a diverse range of items from the development stage and certifies as environmentally products those that satisfy all assessment criteria in areas, such as conservation of resources and energy, recycling (reuse), long-term usability, environmental protection (control of hazardous chemicals), provision of environmental information, and packaging materials. We also implement control of chemical substances in response to the REACH regulation *1 and the RoHS directive *2 based on the CITIZEN Group's Green Procurement Standards.

*1: REACH regulation
A European regulation on chemical substances, enacted June 1, 2007. It requires registration, evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemical substances manufactured and used in the EU.

*2: RoHS directive
A European directive on the restriction of the use of designated hazardous substances in electric and electronic devices. The revised RoHS directive, enacted July 22, 2019, adds four phthalate esters to the existing six substances restricted under the previous RoHS directive (lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, PBB, and PBDE), resulting in a total of ten hazardous substances whose use is restricted.

To respond to global product-related environmental regulations, the Group Green Procurement Standards were revised in FY 2020. Under these revisions, in order to continue supplying safe, reliable products and to ensure safe use of products in response to the demands of suppliers and customers, we provide information on subjects, such as chemical substances contained in products. In addition, to enhance legal compliance further, we conduct activities, such as environmental auditing of external suppliers and analysis of products that involve high risks of containing hazardous substances.

Evaluation Standards of Eco-Friendly Products

The eco-friendly products need to meet the evaluation standards for all the items to evaluate.

  Evaluation items Evaluation Criteria
1 Pre-certification for products Product assessments conducted
2 Energy savings Resource savings Power consumption reduced during operation and in stand-by mode*1 Power-saving functionalities installed
Weight, volume, or parts counts reduced*2
3 Recyclability (reuse,recycle) Easy-to recycle materials used*3
Material displayed If plastic parts weighting 25g or more or of a size of 200mm² or more*4
4 Long-term usability Configuration easy to repair and replacement and its reliability and durability verified*5
5 Environmental conservation CITIZEN’s standards for chemical substance management fulfilled
6 Provision of environmental information Information in accordance with type I or II environmental labels can be disclosed
7 Packaging Easy-to-recycled materials used
CITIZEN’s standards for chemical substance management fulfilled
8 Other evaluation items Other criteria set by referring corresponding industrial standards*6

*1 Select existing products as standards.
*2 Select existing products as standards, but exclude limited products indesign and functional.
*3 Electronic components are excluded.
*4 Information not indicated directly may be provided in instruction manuals.
*5 Set examples of specific combinations.
*6 This category targets chemical products.