Reducing Greenhouse Gasses

We continue to carry out a range of Group-wide initiatives in an effort to address the serious environmental issue of global warming by reducing the amount of energy consumed by the Citizen Group as a whole.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Citizen Group is working hard on energy saving activities and incorporating effective programs at each of its business premises, in order to achieve effective and steady reductions in CO2 emissions.
Emissions of energy source CO2 in fiscal 2015 were 83,875 tons, a 5.9% reduction from fiscal 2014.
The offices at our business premises are continuing to decrease illumination and turn off lights as part of our energy saving and power conservation efforts.

Group-wide CO2 Emissions

Group-wide CO2 Emissions

Calculation of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The Citizen Group is participating proactively in worldwide initiatives to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, which cause global warming. We recognize the importance of fully understanding both greenhouse gas emissions from our manufacturing activities and their indirect emissions throughout the supply chain (Scope 3), and accordingly we are calculating these values.

[Calculation results]
In fiscal 2013, we calculated total greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain for our watch business in the aim of enhancing our trustworthiness among customers.
Calculation results showed that the Citizen Group indirectly emitted 33,000 tons of greenhouse gases throughout the supply chain (Scope 3). The largest contributor was emissions from “purchased goods and services” (category 1), comprising 85%, followed by “investments” (category 2), “business travel” (category 6), and “transportation and distribution (downstream)” (category 9), at 7%, 3%, and 3%, respectively. Together, these four categories came to 98% of the total. Based upon these results, we are working to decrease greenhouse gas emissions throughout the supply chain.

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Calculation of Scope 3 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

[Calculation method]
Based upon the “Basic Guidelines on Accounting for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Throughout the Supply Chain” (Ministry of the Environment and Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry), we calculated greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 3) throughout the supply chain for our business activities in fiscal 2013. Specifically, we calculated emissions for the 11 of 15 categories covered in Scope 3 that applied to the Citizen Group; we did not calculate emissions for the other four categories, as they did not apply to our business operations.

Example Initiative Citizen Watch Kagoshima

Solar Power System Put into Operation

Solar power system

Solar power system

Citizen Watch Kagoshima Co., Ltd., began operating a solar power system on January 1, 2012 to reduce CO₂ emissions and raise employee awareness regarding the environment. The solar power system installed on the plant roof has a rated generating capacity of 180 kW and is expected to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 62.2 tons. In 2015, the system generated 182 MWh of electricity, accounting for 1.94% of the plant's total consumption, and reduced CO2 emissions by 67 tons.