Promotion of CSR

The Citizen Group has established the Group CSR Promotion Committee where the president of Citizen Holdings provides ultimate supervision and CSR director act as committee chairman. In addition, the CSR Department acts as the CSR Promotion Office.

The Group CSR Promotion Committee determines policies and drafts measures for the Citizen Group. In addition, the committee conducts seminars and CSR training with the aim of promoting and enhancing the CSR activities of each Group company. At the same time, the committee conducts CSR awareness surveys of all employees and executives, to evaluate the Group’s CSR activities and extract potential issues.

Schematic Diagram of Our CSR and Risk Management System

CSR Promotion structure

Conducting CSR Seminars for Management

In recent years, rapid globalization and the shift toward international CSR standards have given rise to the concept of creating shared value, or CSV. This idea suggests that sustained growth requires the addition of proactive CSR to those activities that have been conducted to date. The time has come to take a more aggressive approach, thinking about what CSR means for the Citizen Group and what value the Group can provide to society through its business activities.

Leading the Sustainability Management Revolution

As a global company, the Citizen Group’s CSR activities involve the promotion of new initiatives in response to social changes. As the first such effort, in December 2013 and April 2014 we held CSR Seminars for Management, calling together presidents and executives from five principal Group companies, including Citizen Holdings.
We invited outside CSR experts to lecture at these seminars, where attendees had the opportunity to consider how the Citizen Group should address changes occurring on a global scale against the backdrop of a rapidly changing global economy, resolve societal issues through its core business, and listen to detailed explanations on the concept of creating shared value, or CSV. Citizen Holdings president Toshio Tokura and other top managers of operating companies posed numerous questions, providing an important opportunity to heighten management’s understanding of the importance of CSR activities.
We plan to continue providing this sort of forum for discussion going forward, as we believe it enables us to remain abreast of social changes and further promote groupwide CSR activities.

VOICE Toward the Aim of Realizing Sustainability

The Citizen Group projects a corporate image of being extremely earnest and sincere. The Group has made steady progress through its CSR and environmental activities, as well as in its risk management initiatives to date. Seminars like this provide an opportunity to take the Group’s accumulated achievements to the next level, adopting a global perspective, considering how to resolve societal issues through its business activities themselves. In other words, it conveys to attendees the importance of the strategic concept of CSV.
I look forward to seeing how the Citizen Group further develops the CSR activities it has steadily pursued to date from a global perspective, how the Company engages with society, how it understands society’s expectations, and how it puts them into practice.
As one of its first initiatives in this regard, the Citizen Group has commenced activities with “Because I am a Girl.” I look forward to observing the Citizen Group’s endeavors moving ahead.

Ms. Ayako Sonoda

Cre-en Inc.
Ms. Ayako Sonoda

Results of CSR Awareness Surveys

Each year, we conduct a CSR awareness survey targeting employees (including temporary employees) of subsidiaries (a total of 41 companies in fiscal 2015) to ascertain levels of awareness concerning CSR and corporate ethics within the Citizen Group. Question 1, concerning improvement in respect for the law, indicates that steady progress is being made in the permeation of CSR. Question 2, concerning the corporate ethics hotline. In the current year (fiscal 2015), we expanded the scope of the study to include contract employees, resulting in lower awareness of the hotline. Question 3, which concerns use of the corporate ethics hotline (CSR hotline), indicates nearly half of the respondents answered, "Don't know," and the rate of "I would call" responses is generally flat. We will continue to implement sustained, ongoing initiatives aimed at promoting CSR as part of our business activities on a Group-wide basis in the future.

Q1:Have CSR activities strengthened your commitment to complying with laws? grafh
Q2:Are you aware of the Corporate Ethics Hotline (CSR hotline)? grafh
Q3:If you discovered a violation of law or regulation that is difficult to discuss with a supervisor,  would you call the Corporate Ethics Hotline (CSR hotline)? grafh

[Number of Respondents]
Fiscal 2012: 7,540 out of 9,297 employees (34 subsidiaries targeted: response rate of 81.1%)
Fiscal 2013: 7,405 out of 8,546 persons (39 subsidiaries targeted: response rate of 86.6%)
Fiscal 2014: 7,132 out of 8,472 persons (39 subsidiaries targeted: response rate of 84.2%)
Fiscal 2015: 8,153 out of 9,253 persons (41 subsidiaries targeted: response rate of 88.1%)