Basic concept

We enforce compliance as one of our top priorities as part of the Group's CSR activities, based on the Citizen Group Code of Conduct. Taking legal compliance as a starting point, we aim to promote activities that encourage moral and ethical practices.

Internal Reporting System

Establishing internal hotlines

The Citizen Group has established the Citizen Group Corporate Ethics Hotline in an effort to prevent and quickly identify any legal violations or misconduct stemming from dishonest actions, and to enhance our self-regulating corporate culture. The Internal Reporting System Rules state that the reporting party's privacy must be respected, that the subject of the report must be given the opportunity to refute claims made against them, and that the reporting party must not be subjected to unfair treatment. In 2008, we also set up an external contact office to allow employees to file reports anonymously. Our annual survey of employee CSR awareness indicates that awareness of the Corporate Ethics Hotline is increasing, but many respondents say that they feel uncertain about confidentiality being maintained. In response to this result, the Group will continue in its efforts to raise awareness of and confidence in the ethics hotline.

Change in the number of internal reporting incidents

Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual Property Activities That Secure a Competitive Edge for Our Business

The Citizen Group respects the intellectual property rights of other companies and makes efforts so as not to infringe upon them. Furthermore, we acquire intellectual property rights for our proprietary core technologies and peripheral technologies and work to establish barriers to deter entry by our competitors. At the same time, we take strict measures to counter the infringement by third parties.

​The most important aspect of our intellectual property activities is having the Planning, Development, and Intellectual Property departments engage in efforts as one department. From the stage of initial planning, if another company already has a barrier in place to prevent other companies from acquiring intellectual property rights for an idea or technology, the Intellectual Property Department is able to promptly inform the Planning Department of that barrier, allowing us to move the development of an idea or technology in a different direction. In other words, by being able to switch the direction of development at an early stage, we are able to increase the possibility for us to secure advantageous intellectual property rights.

To continue to be successful in our intellectual property activities, we will work to swiftly establish a system that further enhances the quality of methods to provide information on intellectual properties.

Intellectual Property Activities that Unite the Planning,
Development, and Intellectual Property Departments as One Department


Security Trade Controls

The Citizen Group has established the “Citizen Group Rules for Security Trade Control” to provide reliable and secure trade management within the Group. We have also established the The Citizen Group Security Trade Control Committee, comprising Citizen Holdings and operating subsidiaries. This committee provides guidance, education, and information to Group companies and carries out audits.

Measures by Citizen Machinery

Citizen Machinery Japan Co., Ltd., takes measures to prevent improper export of industrial machineries and their improper resale or re-export overseas to ensure compliance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law. It has made the installation of relocation detection functions a standard feature on all products to render equipment inoperable in the event of unauthorized relocation and is reinforcing export controls to prevent the improper use of industrial machineries.

Information Security

The Citizen Group has used a system centered on the Information Security Committee to formulate, deploy, and provide training on information security. In fiscal 2015, to respond to various My Number regulations, we enacted regulations concerning the protection of specific personal information, reviewed procedures, updated information systems, and carried out training for Group employees. Additionally, up until now the protection of personal information, trade secret management, and information security have all been handled by different committees, but we have newly established the Group Information Governance Committee to integrate and further promote all of these activities.
For our actual information system environment, the use of a data center and of cloud services strengthens the information system against accidents and disasters, creating a safe, reliable IT infrastructure that also contributes to reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Continued Acquisition of PrivacyMark*

Tokyo Bijutsu Co.,Ltd. a publisher of art and other books, acquired rights to use the PrivacyMark* in 2005 from the perspective of protecting personal information and raising confidence in suppliers. The company renewed its PrivacyMark certification in March 2015. Education concerning the protection of personal information is periodically conducted for all employees including part-timers, and the results of tests used to confirm the effects of the training indicate that a strong awareness concerning the protection of personal information has spread among the workforce. Tokyo Bijutsu is committed to bolstering its information security including the handling of confidential information in the future.

A registered trademark (service mark) that the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation licenses to businesses that meet certain conditions concerning the protection of personal information.