CSR in the Citizen Group

CSR in the Citizen Group

By embodying our corporate philosophy, the Citizen Group seeks to achieve sustainable development for society and growth for itself, being a company that is loved, respected, and truly needed by society. In conducting our business, we pursue CSR with the participation of all our employees based on the Citizen Group Code of Conduct, itself inspired by the spirit of the United Nations Global Compact. Moreover, to maximize the value we bring to society, we think it important to incorporate our stakeholders' wishes and expectations into our management and to respond accurately to them. Therefore we strengthen communication with stakeholders.

The Citizen Group and its stakeholders

The Citizen Group’s Business Foundations

The Citizen Group traces its origins to the manufacture of mechanical watches. By leveraging the technology cultivated in this business, the Group has developed new products to meet the demands of the times, generating corporate value in the process.
Our operations currently comprise five divisions: Watches and Clocks, Machine Tools, Devices and Components, Electronic Products, and Other Products. By taking advantage of expertise in miniaturization, precision manufacture, and reduced power consumption, we strive to provide clear value that meets the expectations and aspirations of people throughout the world.
The medium-term management plan we announced in 2013 defines our objective of becoming a truly global company, sets priority issues to address along the path, and promotes initiatives for all Group companies. Recognizing that CSR activities serve as an important foundation for realizing our business strategy, we have set forth engagement themes based on our Group Code of Conduct as we endeavor to create sustainable value.
Throughout the world, the Citizen Group will marshal its energies, "contributing to striving to be respected by citizens of the world."

Business Strategy and CSR Activities

The second three years (fiscal 2016–2018) of the “Citizen Global Plan 2018,” the medium-term management plan for the Citizen Group, defines four strategies to pursue on its path to becoming a truly global corporate group.

  • 1. “Thorough structural improvement/Strengthening of production capability”
    The Company will strengthen initiatives to enhance earning power, with the aim of reducing cost prices through both manufacturing reform and improved asset efficiency.
  • 2. “Aggressive investment for business growth and strengthening of marketing capability”
    Based upon data obtained in the first three years (fiscal 2013–2015) of the medium-term management plan, the Company will aggressively invest in growth.
  • 3. “Selection and concentration of products and businesses”
    The Company will refine and target businesses and products from individual Group companies to clarify core businesses and products.
  • 4. “Enhancement of human resources and promotion of efficiency in productivity”
    The Company will focus on developing human resources that are able to deal with any and all changes in the global environment as well as on strengthening organizational capabilities as an elite corporate group.
Aiming to be a Truly Global Company