The CITIZEN Group Medium-Term Management Plan

Final chapter of the CITIZEN Global Plan 2018: the last step to becoming a “solid global company”

Aiming to become a successful global company, in 2013 The CITIZEN Group started its medium term management plan, “CITIZEN Global Plan 2018.” The plan has advanced manufacturing innovation and boosting of earning power as well as promoting a new growth strategy that made the machine tools business the second core segment of the company after watches business. This powered the plan for the first three years, but the changes in the external environment in the last three years would make it difficult for us to see if we can achieve our objectives. CITIZEN has made 2018, the final year of the plan, a year for exploring new growth areas in the lead-up to the next medium-term management plan and will cross-divisionally demonstrate the synergies as CITIZEN Group to boost the unity of the Group.