Environmental Initiatives at Plants/Works

Example Initiative Saku Miyota Plant,CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING

Green Factory

CITIZEN WATCH‘s Miyota Saku Plantis first new watch-producing factory in Japan in about 50 years, was built in 2016 as a verdant park sitewith almost noenvironmental impact. The Plant—which does not use or produce heavy metals, cyanide, chlorine-based organic solvents, mineral dust, or dirty smoke—is a green factory without pollutingwater, air, or earth at all. The 26,000 plants of 110 different types are planted on the property and they create wonderful seasonal scenery. The plant’s large green areas keep surface temperatures from rising, and prevent heat islands from developing.

Example Initiative Saku Miyota Plant,CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING

Example Initiative CITIZEN WATCH’S Tokyo Works Welfare Building

This cafeteria and gymnasium building is simple, white, and harmonizes with existing environs. It was built with a landscape planned to feel wide open while also remaining hidden from its surroundings using an embankment and planting areason the north side. The rooftop space, where air conditioning systems are installed, is enveloped by sound-blocking walls in consideration of noise reduction for the surroundings. Also, large eaves and planting areasthat do not reflect much light block lines of sight from the adjacent road.

Example Initiative CITIZEN WATCH’S Tokyo WorksWelfare Building

Example Initiative CITIZEN YUBARI Plant No. 5

CITIZEN YUBARI Plant No. 5 is a “building that pooled everyone’s knowledge to consider the environment.”Plant No. 5 (plating/drainage processing building) was completed in October 2016 with the goals of renovating the surface processing section, avoiding environmental pollution and risk, and increasing production capability. The building’s workspace was expanded to three times what it was previously, and surface processing was moved from the previous locationto the new building. Regarding energy-saving measuresfor the new building, usage of LED lighting and RC external insulation construction raised insulation effectiveness by 30% and this surely leads to CO2 reductions. Moreover, heat emissions from compressors are directed inside in the winter and reused as heating. Through updated drainage processing equipment, usage of hazardous chemicals was greatly reduced, and returning drainage from pure water manufacturing/post-plating pure cleaning water to the tank enables reuse in pure water manufacturing. The pure water manufacturing was also made more efficient, and city water usage was reduced. Also, rather than disposing of boiler steam used for plating, it is reused as boiler water via a heat exchanger.

Example Initiative CITIZEN YUBARI PlantNo. 5

Example Initiative Overseas Plants,CITIZEN ELECTRONICS

As an initiative across CITIZEN Group, in October 2014 we moved to the ISO 14001 “Consolidated Group Certification” system. With ISO14001:2015 released in September 2015 and environmental initiatives advancing to the next stage, we formulated the “Group Environmental Manual.”.
We promote highly efficient and effective environmental activities by increasing unity across the Group. Also, in CITIZEN ELECTRONICS’ Group, with the goal of “strengthening environmental governance,” we developed and introduced the “Group Environmental Manual”to overseas manufacturing sites. We are getting in step with overseas manufacturing sites with the sharing of environmental targetsand performance improvements.

Example Initiative Overseas Plants,CITIZEN ELECTRONICS