Effective Utilization of Resources and Reduction of Waste

Example Initiative CITIZEN MACHINERY

Biodegradation of Waste Paint byMicroorganisms

To reduce waste at CITIZEN MACHINERY‘s Karuizawa head office weusemicroorganisms to perform biodegradation of waste paint including organic compounds. The zero-waste water processing system consists of a wet paint booth that recovers paint mist from a water flow with microorganisms, a processing tank equipped with a device that supplies oxygen to the microorganisms and a stirring device. The only waste is inorganic substances such as pigments, and the volume of waste has been slashed by approximately two-thirds compared to the prior recovery method, from which used chemicals to separate waste paint. In addition, the microorganism processing method eliminates the unique odor of the organic compounds and the viscosity of the paint sludge, the method contribute to improvement in the work environment and reducetime of equipment cleaning and maintenance.

Sludge produced from biodegradation
Sludge produced from biodegradation

Example Initiative TOKYO BIJUTSU

Acquisition of FSC-COC Certification

At TOKYO BIJUTSU, in October 2016, we received a COC certification from the FSC, approved by U.K. certification organization, Soil Association Woodmark, which runs an international certification operation.
Recycled paper was once praised from the perspective of effective resource usage and waste reduction, but with the amount of CO2 emissions from the manufacturing process under scrutiny, FSC (forest) certified papers have attracted attention as one of solutions to issueswith “recycling of paper resources.”
Originally, forests arerenewable resources that grow with the passage of time. This system, which aims for a resource cycle that appropriately manages and utilizes forests, has gathered support from a variety of environmental conservationgroups, including the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Through our printing operaton, we will work to use forest resources effectively and protect the natural environment as we coordinate with customersand business partners. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international organization headquartered in Germany that certifies lumber-producing forests worldwide as well as commerce routes and processing oflumber cut from these forests. This certification is awarded to lumber produced in a way that is conscious of preservation of the forest’s environment, contributes to the benefit of the local community, and is economically sustainable. It is a system wherein the consumer can indirectly support forest preservation worldwide by buying products with the FSC mark on them.

Example Initiative Tohoku Plant,CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING,

Water Use Reductions

CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING continue to work to make its Tohoku Plant a clean site. We have been reducing industrial water usage in its surface-processing department since the end of August 2014.In FY2016, the Plant was able to reduce the industrial water usage by approximately 9% compared to the previous fiscal year.


  • 1.Water-saving awareness campaign
  • 2.Understand accurate quantities of water in effluent treatment abolish unnecessary water use
  • 3.Minimize overflow water required forscrubber

Water Use Reductions