Life cycle assessment (LCA) initiatives

Result of LCA on ThermometersCITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN

In order to investigate the extent of environmental impacts of products produced by the CITIZEN Group, LCA was implemented for three different models of universal design thermometers.The graph below show the LCA data in terms ofglobal warming impacts imposedateach stage of the lifecycle from manufacturing to disposal. The result of this quantitative analysis presents a tendency that as improvement of the function of products would increase the number of parts used and structural complexity, the larger environmental impacts would be imposed.
We continue to make efforts to develop design and production process by balancing the convenience of functions with the extent of environmental burden.

  • Estimation thermometers CT786SP

    Estimation thermometers CT786SP

  • Vibration thermometers CT785V

    Vibration thermometers CT785V

  • Measurement thermometers CT782W

    Measurement thermometers CT782W

Global Warming(CO2equivalent)

Global Warming(CO2equivalent)

Result of LCA on Eco-Drive WatchesCITIZEN WATCH

We used a preliminary LCA approach to consider the difference between stainless steel and titanium watch exteriors. In this case, we considered the differences starting from the materials production stage and ending at the product manufacturing stage. Note that wristwatch consists of the internal driving parts of movement and the "exterior" partsof casing, display, and band. The graphs below show the impact data of a single watch on global warming, acidification, and energy use. As we move forward,we willexpand our LCA to product usage, recycling, and disposal stages, in order to cover the entire life cycle.

LCA Results

LCA Results