Enhanced lineups of Environmentally Friendly Products


Use of a chemical management system

As regulations concerning hazardous chemical substances such as the European REACH Regulation and the RoHS Directive are strengthened, CITIZENSYSTEMS JAPAN uses a product chemical substance management system, to centralize information concerning the chemical substances in components that make up products and to develop a system to calculate the amounts of chemical substances in products. The effective use of the systems makes it possible for us to respond to customer requests for the provision of environmental information. Previously, JGPSSI format (JIG) were conducted as chemical content surveys under the REACH Regulation, but a change was made to the JAMP format (AIS) to respond to numerous customer requests. We also describes the company’s address on products labels and include “response to the EU RoHS Directive”on a CE declaration statement,in compliance with the RoHS Directive.

Use of a chemical management system

Example Initiative CITIZEN Group

Revision of the CITIZENGroup Green Procurement Guideline

Revision of the CITIZENGroup Green Procurement Guideline
Green Procurement Guideline Chemical Substance Control Standard Rank 3

Based on the international consensus to “aim to minimize the harmful impact on human health and the environment caused by the production and utilization of chemical substances by the year 2020,” REACH regulation and RoHS launched by the European Union have been repeatedly revised to date. SVHC, whose content information is required to report when more than 0.1% in weight is contained in component parts, become 173 at the end of 2016. In addition, the Group Green Procurement Guideline was revised because the information transfer tool used toconvey information on chemical substances contained in component parts was switched from JAMP AIS/MSDSplus to chemSHERPA CI/AI.

Example Initiative CITIZEN WATCH

Development of Environmentally Conscious Products: The CITIZEN Eco-Drive Model

The CITIZEN Eco-Drive Model
The CITIZEN Eco-Drive Model

The light-powered Eco-Drive*1of “The CITIZEN,” our ultrahigh-end watch, uses asuper-high-precision eco-drive movementA010, which hasaccuracyof ±5 seconds per year—the most accurate in the world*2. Hypoallergenic titanium, which is 40% more lightweight than stainless steel, is used on all areas that come into contact with the skin, including the case, rear cover, bezel, crown, and band. The watch also incorporates Duratectα*3surface-hardening technology, which uses no allergenic metals. “Duratectα” provides the highest hardness level obtainable from CITIZEN’s proprietary Duratect*3 surface-hardening technologies. Alloying the material with titanium results in a nearly “metal allergy-resistant*4” specification for most metals; the resultant metal is gentler on the skin than nickel, which is used in conventional watches, so even people with highly sensitive skin have no cause for concern. The watch uses sapphire glass with 99% clarity coating*5 for superior durability and resistance to soiling, ensuring visibility as well as toughness. Eco-drive, Duratect, and 99% clarity coating are all proprietary technologies developed to provide a superior user experience.

※1 Eco-Drive: Watches incorporating Eco-Drive run solely on power generated by light and do not require regular replacement of batteries. These watches were the first to be granted Eco-Mark certification
※2 Most accurate in the world: Compared with analog wristwatch using electricity from built-in photovoltaic cell (data is as of September 2014, according to a study by CITIZEN)
※3 Duratect: This proprietary hardening technology increases the hardness of stainless steel, titanium, and other metals, providing outstanding durability and scratch resistance and ensuring the material to retain its luster for longer.
Duratectα: This evolution of the Duratect technology is used as a coating on the case and band, providing an alloy coating with a Vickers hardness level of more than 2000HV—approximately twice as hard as conventional Duratect hardening. Accordingly, the surface is highly resistant to scratches, retaining a shine comparable with precious metals.
※4 Metal allergy-resistant: These watches use materials and surface processing so that parts that come into contact with the skin (exterior metal parts, including the case, rear cover, bezel, crown, and band) do not cause allergic reactions.
※5 99%clarity coating: This multilayer coating of a silicon compound on both surfaces of sapphire glass ensures high visibility for the watch face. The surface is scratch-resistant and has a water-repellent film, providing exceptional durability and stain resistance.

◎Eco-Drive, Duratect, and 99% clarity coating are all registered trademarks or trademarks of CITIZEN WATCH


Development of the product which was conscious of environment:, LED for lighting

LED (Lighting)

LEDs have taken off as environmentally friendly light deviceand been used in many applications in our daily lives. LEDs use approximately one-tenth the electricity of incandescent lights and contain no mercury—a problem with fluorescent lights. Additionally, LEDs’ long operating life means a significant reduction in waste. This outstanding eco-friendliness has led to LEDs being dubbed the “ideal light source.”
CITIZEN ELECTRONICS began developing LEDs for lighting in 2003 and has succeeded in creating a world-leading, high-output, highly efficient LED that delivers more than 70,000 lumens. The CITIZEN ELECTRONICS environmental policy of “smaller, thinner, higher-performance product designs” is evident in the company’s constant efforts to develop LEDs using the latest advanced technologies. As well as striving for energy-saving functionality, we continue to develop products that lessen environmental impact in other ways. For example, we are reducing material use by decreasing the numbers of parts used and shrinking package sizes.

-Example Initiative CITIZEN MACHINERY

BNA42DHY by Miyano
Developing Products that Reduce Customers’ Environmental Impact

Machine tools—a type of production equipment—are characterized by high energy use over the course of their life cycle due to long and continuous usage. For this reason, we believe it is important to consider not just reducing the environmental impact of each component part, but also reducing the environmental impact from usage of the product. As part of this, we have worked on reducing energy consumed by machines. Through features such as installof an inverter-controlled hydraulic unit, we realized a 9.7% reduction in standby power and a 16% reduction in power consumed by a sample program (1 cycle). Also, to support customers’ power savings, “better visualization” has been realized via an energy consumption monitoring screen. We will keep developing “environmentally friendly products” to help customers continue to produce their products with low environmental impact.


Environmentally friendly Product Development:Thermal Printers

CITIZENSYSTEMS JAPAN has developed products with highlyappealing to customer by concentrating on the watchwords of “smaller,” “fewer resources,” and “energy-saving.” With an industry-leading compact body size, the CT-S251 POS thermal printer released in April 2015 has a simple yet sophisticated minimalistic design by usingthe special 58mm thermal paper rolls. Smaller products use fewer resources, require less space, and are ideal for customers concerned about the image of their offices and stores. The CT-S251 has a maximum print speed of 300mm/second and a gradation function to print graphics clearly. In addition to these functional benefits, the printer incorporates “paper-saving functionality,” which saves resources by reducing margins and line spacing. Such features have earned this printer an “International Energy Star Program” rating for energy use, demonstrating its environmental prowess and contribution to reducing customer costs.

Example Initiative CITIZENT.I.C.

Developing environmentally friendly products: Outdoor radio-controlled clock

CITIZEN T.I.C.offers environmentally friendly and solar-powered outdoor clocks that use an electric double layer capacitor. Energy-saving circuit design efficiently ensures the necessary electric power even on rainy or cloudy days. Since there is little deterioration due to charging and discharging, the electric double layer capacitor lasts approximately three times* longer than conventional nickel cadmium batteries. Maintenance is not needed for a long period and accurate time display continues. Moreover, the cost of periodically changing batteries and the energy used during manufacturing and transporting replacement batteries can be reduced, and this product has little environmental impact at the time of disposal. The sales have steadily increased since its launch in 2007, and in FY2017 CITIZEN T.I.C.aims that it comprises approximately 20% of the entire sales of installed clocks.

*Battery life differs, depending on the environment in which it is installed.