Environmental Management

Environmental Education and Enlightenment Activities


Award for Group Excellence in Environmental Conservation Activities

CITIZEN WATCH KAGOSHIMA has long actively participated in cleanup activities and with a recommendation from Hioki City, we received an award certificate and a shield as an award for Group Excellence in Environmental Conservation Activities at the “Kagoshima Citizens Movement for Protecting the Earth’s Environment” promotional convention, held on June 5, 2015
We also participated in cleanups three times in 2016. In May, 156 employees and their family members of 40; in July, 109 employees and their family members of 16; and in October, 29 employees and their family members of 7 participated, yielding a cumulative participation of 294 employees and their family members of 63 for a total of 357 participants.


Local Environmental ISO Research Group

CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING’s Iida Plant has participated in the Local Environmental ISO Research Group since its establishment (started together with Iida City in 1997 along with other six local companies), and it has assisted in promoting environmental activities in coexistence with local communities.
At the 20th anniversary in 2017, participantshave become 28 companies.
With “Environmental ISO” as the keyword, the local companies coordinateeach otherto create a sustainable society, conducting voluntary and self-reliant operations.

Major Activities

  1. 1) Establishmentand Adoption of the “Minami-shinshu Iimusu 21,” a Localized Environmental Management System
    The independent standard “Minami-shinshu Iimusu 21” was establishedin 2001, and has assisted inin evaluations ever since.
    A wide variety of offices, including public organizations, government offices, and high schools (60 works currently in 2017) in the regions have had their certification registered.
  2. 2) Encouragement of Energy-saving measures for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    The “Iikosu Iida” project team was formed in 2010 with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and we participated as a member.
    Together we studied model offices while sharing each company’s energy-saving knowhow, and we implemented concrete energy-saving strategies. That knowhow was published as the “Energy-saving Example Compilation,” and it has been used by many people. (It is published on the Research Group’s homepage.)
    Also, we have visited various officesas a member, offering energy-saving evaluations and advice and exchanging information, while also increasing energy-saving awareness and adoption of measures.
  3. 3) Promoting Environmental Action in Unison
    Three times afiscal year (June, October, and February), we participate in energy-saving actions in unison such as reduction ofpersonal car usage,
    eco-driving, changing of air conditioning temperaturesetting, organizingthe contents of refrigerators, and more.
    This activity has become well established as an activity connected to improving the environmental awareness of each employee.


Energy-saving / 3R Activities

AtCITIZEN FINEDEVICE, we have set “reduction of environmentally hazardous substances” as an environmental goal, and promoted activities such as reducing CO2 emissions and PRTR substances. These activities are conducted centering on small group activities, and we work to assess levels of contribution to environmental conservation and corporate profits.
Going forward, in order to realize sustainable development of society and the company, we will work to further improve the level of environmental management by strengthening our environmental laws and regulations management systems.


Environmental Report Debriefing SessionStarted with the Local Community

CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING’s Tohoku Kitakami Plant in cooperation with Iwate Prefecture Government, has held the “Environmental Report Debriefing Sessionwith the Local Community,” every year since 2010. The goal of this session is to get nearby residents to “watch” and “listen” regarding the environmental activities we conduct, and to “exchange opinions” in order to deepen each other’s understanding.
In November 2015, we welcomed 18 participants, and we were able to receive frank opinions and questions. In particular, there is a plating process at the Tohoku KitakamiPlantabout with participants were highly concerned since many chemicals are used; we had many opportunities to carefully explain our anti-pollution measures. In the survey conducted at the end of the session, we received positive assessments from most of the participants, who were able to feel more secure. However, a few of the participants had unfavorable opinions, and we were reminded of the need to braceourselves toward our environmental activities.
At the Tohoku Kitakami Plant, we wish to continue with the “Environmental Report Group Starting with the Local Community”, to listen to the valuable opinions of many people, and to utilize them in our future environmental activities.

Environmental Report Debriefing SessionStarted with the Local Community