Human Rights and Labor-Management Relations

Basic Approach to Human Rights

The CITIZEN Group signed the United Nations Global Compact in 2005, and makes Group-wide efforts to maintain, respect, and practice the 10 principles relating to “Human Rights, Labor, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.” We also set up the basic policy of “Respect human rights and diversity, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment,” in the fourth articles of the “Citizen Group Code of Conduct,” with guidelins regarding respecting human rights, establishing pleasant working environment, and ensuring safety and health of employees in workplaces.

Relationship with the Labor Union

Each company in the CITIZEN Group works to build stable labor-management relations through periodic negotiation and discussion between the labor union that represents the employees and the Company in a manner that respects the ideas of both sides. Overseas Group companies hold talks with labor unions or employee representatives in accordance with the laws and regulations of each country. Each Group company will hold talks on Group operational mechanisms and systems and optimal working environments to raise corporate value and improve employee satisfaction.

Prevention of Harassment

In June 2015, CITIZEN WATCH established regulations related to the prevention of sexual harassment and power harassment, which have become major social issues. In conjunction with the establishment of these regulations, we have conducted seminars such as “harassment prevention at our offices” by inviting a corporate lawyer. In addition, in January 2017, we prepared “Regulations Concerning the Prevention of Harassment” associated with issues such as pregnancy, childbirth, child-care leave, and nursing care leave.
Going forward, we will continue to make efforts to establish a healthy work environment by further enhancing employees understanding toward harassment prevention and thoroughly enforcing in-house regulations.


Employee-Friendly Corporate Management

The CITIZEN Group has made a swift entrance into Thailand, with several production bases already established. We position the country as a primary location for our manufacturing bases second to China.


Invigorating Work Environment

CITIZEN WATCH GOODRINGTON (CHINA) listens carefully to the opinions of its employees. With the aim of becoming even more competitive company that works hand-in-hand with its employees, we have pursued communication enhancement with labor unions. In addition, the company makes efforts to establish a work environment where employees can voice their opinions and suggestions at any time, not just during deliberations on important projects. These voices are shared between the company and labor unions.
Furthermore, the company enhance the employee welfare programs and takes initiatives to deepen exchanges among employees by holding athletics meets or basketball tournaments.
In these ways, the company focuses its efforts on establishing a welcoming work environment where employees can better understand each other and carry out their duties with peace of mind.
* Gonghui: similar to a labor union composed of employees representatives including senior management


MCLG Receives Certification as AA Rank Labor-Management Relations Company

Guangzhou Most Crown Electronics, MCLG, (China) received certification as a “Guangzhou AA rank labor-management relations company” from the city of Guangzhou in April 2012. In May 2012, the company executives and labor union members conducted a ceremony to unveil the certification plate. This certification has been a source of pride for MCLG employees and continued efforts to develop labor-management relations based on standards, fairness, and harmony.