Safe, Healthy, and Amenable Workplace

Initiatives for Maintaining and Promoting Health

The CITIZEN HEALTH INSURANCE SOCIETY conducts operations to maintain and improve the health of Group employees and their families

Launching “Pep Up” health information website

In January 2017, the CITIZEN HEALTH INSURANCE SOCIETY launched the “Pep Up” -health information website for insured persons and their dependent spouses for the purpose of managing and promoting the health of employees and their families. As of the end of April 2018, 23% of members were registered on the website. “Pep Up” offers a variety of content that helps maintain and improve health, which can be accessed on the smartphone and the computer. My Health section informs users of areas in which they should take care based on the results of their health check-up, Health Articles section offer health information matching the user’s state of health, and Medical Fees/Benefits section enables users to view information, such as medical fees and generic drugs, when getting medical care at a hospital. The Society will continue to encourage employees and their families to utilize the “Pep Up” website for the maintenance and improvement of their health.

Diversification of special health guidance

Special health guidance gives advice on improving lifestyles to persons 40 years old and older, who are at high risk for lifestyle-related diseases. In addition to the conventional individual consultations, in some workplaces, group seminars on health guidance have been introduced to raise health awareness among employees. Furthermore, early guidance measures are being taken for employees under 40 who are at high risk.

Launching the 2nd phase of the Data Health Plan in FY2018

FY 2018 marks the launch of the 2nd phase of the Data Health Plan and the 3rd phase of specific medical examination and specific health guidance, both of which are planned to last for six years. With the development of new plans, the CITIZEN HEALTH INSURANCE SOCIETY plans actions such as recommending medical consultations to those not seeking treatment based on health check-up results and medical exam history, and reassessing projects that prevent disease progression.

Other initiatives

The society continues to carry out initiatives to further enhance medical checkups and improve the percentage of employees and their families receiving regular medical checkups for cancer by continuing efforts such as distributing vouchers for free medical checkups for specific types of exams to employees’ families, providing “assistance with quitting smoking,” giving “home-visit health consultation for young-old citizens,” offering “a subsidy for medical checkups for the brain,” holding “classes on nursing care and health,” and operating around the clock “Mental and Physical Health Consultation”by telephone.

Specified Medical Checkups and Specific Health Guidance (29 sites)*As of April 1, 2018


Accidents Occurrence (Nine Major Group Companies)


Health and safety activities at the Tokyo Office

The Tokyo Office draws up health and safety activity plans for each company and carries out activities to ensure the health and safety of employees, while aiming to share activities and information with the Health and Safety Committee at each company, In FY2016, the “Guide to Safety,” which incorporates environmental change in offices, was revised for the 14th time and distributed to all employees with the goal of comprehensively carrying out standards for safe behavior. In addition, in the area of disaster prevention, an integrated disaster prevention drill was held that assumed a large-scale earthquake. In addition to updating stockpiles of disaster prevention goods and installing satellite phones, “the FY2017 Disaster Prevention Plan” was drawn up and distributed to employees. Centering on the Health and Safety Committee and the Disaster Prevention Committee, We will continue to promote health and safety measures for employees and prepare for disaster.

Integrated disaster prevention drill that assumed a large-scale earthquake

Activities to maintain and promote health

The Tokyo Office and the Tokorozawa Office make efforts to maintain and promote the health of employees under the direction of the Health and Safety Committee at each company. At the Tokyo Office, an industrial physician lectured on health based on the theme, “Sleep and Occupational Health.” Also, the Health Care Section held a “walking campaign” as an event in which any CITIZEN Group member could participate to provide an opportunity for them to focus on health while having lighthearted fun. The CITIZEN Group will continue to improve employee health by carrying out various types of activities that maintain and promote health.

Health lecture

”Walk Across the Japanese Islands,” an activity to promote health

Since CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING was established, this company-wide walk-for-health event has been held every year as a special project included in the “Shine☆361,” activities for nurturing the company climate.
Hypothetical start lines and goals are decided upon, such as “walk across the plant” and “walk a bullet train route.” Participants convert the accumulated number of steps they have taken into distances and have fun aiming for their goals while checking their progress.
There are token prizes, and employees have a great time each year.
In FY2017, as many as 1,000 employees participated, and the event has become a perfect catalyst for promoting health. The posters of FY2018 event have been prepared with the theme of “Tour of Airports.”