Respect for Diversity

It is the CITIZEN Group's duty as a company to respect individuals, embrace diversity, and create an environment in which employees can thrive.


The CITIZEN Group recruits new graduate candidates on a regular basis and experienced mid-career candidates from a long-term perspective at all the CITIZEN Group companies. We also have a scheme in place whereby employees on fixed-term contracts can be promoted to permanent employees, depending on factors such as their level of enthusiasm and capabilities. When recruiting personnel, we focus on individual skills, aptitude and drive, in an effort to ensure equal opportunities and diversity.

New Graduate Recruitment (Nine Major Group Companies)


Mid-Career Recruitment (Nine Major Group Companies)


Employment of Persons with Disabilities

The CITIZEN Group actively employs persons with disabilities based on our basic policy of "working together." We will continue our focus on employing more persons with disabilities and increasing the scope of eligible job opportunities in the future.

Employment of Persons with Disabilities (Nine Major Group Companies)


Click here for details on the Initiatives for Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

Response to the Act to Promote Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace

The CITIZEN Group has enhanced career training and drawn up various action plans including work styles innovation in consideration of work-life balance, in order to create an employment setting that allows women to continue being active in the workplace. CITIZEN WATCH has set a target of having more than 7% of management positions held by women by 2020.

Percentage of Women in Management Positions(Nine MajorGroup Companies)