Work-Life Balance

Basic Approach

The CITIZEN Group is working to put in place the necessary framework to create an ideal working environment in which all employees can strike a balance between their work and private lives.

Schemes for Ideal Working Environments

CITIZEN WATCH pursues to create a pleasant working environment by allowing employees to take paid day-off in increments of one hour and other measures. Shortened working hours for child care is also available until children completed the fourth year of elementary school, and working hours may be reduced by two hours per day so employees can provide nursing care. On other fronts, we have extended the eligibility for our school-pool-leave scheme, which is designed to support employees looking after and raising children, until the end of junior high school as a means of promoting flexible way of working.

Off-site class on being a parenting-supportive boss

A “parenting-supportive boss” is a manager or supervisor who understands male employees or subordinates participating in parenting, and who takes actions such as endeavoring to create a work environment that facilitates balancing both work and parenting by encouraging them to, for instance, take child-care leave.
CITIZEN ELECTRONICS conducted an off-site class on being a “parenting-supportive boss” that was sponsored by the Fujiyoshida City Council for Promoting Gender Equality. Persons raising children and their supervisors discussed on creating an environment that makes it easy to successfully balance work and parenting. While the level of satisfaction with taking child-care leave is high, there is much call for taking day-to-day paid leave and managing overtime, and the class became an opportunity to recognize anew the current work situation and a vision for the future.


TOPICS: Establishment of In-House Nursery - Nursery Room “Bakke”

In 2009, nursery room “Bakke” was established within the premises of CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING Tohoku Kitakami Factory. “Bakke” provides an environment that enables female employees to work in a place close to their young children, and encourage mothers to return to work. As the childcare at the nursery room is based on a small group system, the guardians can have rewarding relationships with the nursery staff. The nursery room is also a place that brings mothers and fathers working at the same company together, naturally leading to sharing of concerns about work and childcare, and giving them reassurance in finding a natural balance between work and parenting.