Shareholders/Investors and CITIZEN

Information Disclosure and Investor Relations

CITIZEN WATCH seeks to increase the number of opportunities for engagement with shareholders and investors, make business operations more transparent by appropriately disclosing the latest information and its management vision, and raise corporate value. By holding quarterly announcements of financial results and settlement briefings as well as individual meetings, plant tours, investor relations events for individual investors and participating in forums sponsored by securities companies and, we make efforts to increase communication opportunities. In addition, two-way communications that convey outside perspectives and opinions to the company and lead to improved corporate operations also play an important role. We strive to enhance understanding of the CITIZEN Group by more stakeholders and build long-term relationships based on trust.

Dividend Policy

CITIZEN WATCH considers the ratio of the total amount of dividends and treasury shares purchased to the consolidated net income as “shareholders return ratio” and aims at 30% or more on a three-year basis.
Dividends are determined by taking into consideration the link to consolidated performance and balance with stable dividends.

Distribution of Stock by Shareholders (graph)

(as of March 31, 2017)

Changes in Dividends per Share (graph)


Open shareholders' meetings

CITIZEN WATCH determines the site of its annual shareholders meetings while taking into consideration capacity and transportation access to encourage more shareholders to attend. At shareholders meetings, we use powerpoint presentation and narrations to conduct briefings and take other measures to enhance shareholder understanding, while making it easier for shareholders to present their opinions and pose questions and ensuring effective meeting operation.
As to shareholders who were not able to attend meetings in person, we support them to exercise their voting rights by mail as well as online or by smartphone or mobile phone via the Internet. We also created an environment that enables institutional investors to use an electronic voting platform to exercise their voting rights.

General meeting of shareholders

Preventing insider trading

The CITIZEN Group implements necessary procedures, such as creating and revising regulations, to prevent insider trading as needed. CITIZEN WATCH and consolidated subsidiaries in Japan have implemented a permission system for trading stocks by directors and employees with high probability of handling material facts. We also strive to deepen understanding among directors and employees to ensure effectiveness of the prevention by regularly creating explanatory opportunities, including at new-employee training.