CITIZEN Group’s Materiality (significant issues)

CITIZEN Group’s Materiality

In 2017, the CITIZEN Group, in fulfilling its responsibility as a member of the international community and as a solid global company, selected materiality for its sustainable growth. The CITIZEN Group referred to principles and guidelines related to CSR and sustainability guidelines such as the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the United Nations Global Compact, ISO26000, EICC (then RBA) and GRI standards, while gaining a thorough understanding of the social issues important to the community and stakeholders. The CITIZEN Group also identified the challenges of greatest importance in light of the Group’s Corporate Philosophy, Code of Conduct, and business strategies outlined in the medium-term management plan, compiling them into a list of material issues.
Furthermore, in 2018, as part of the initiatives for the 100th anniversary, Roundtable Talk Relay (122 participants as of April 2018) is being held mainly among the CITIZEN Group staff to deepen the discussion on the ideal future of CITIZEN over the next 100 years. Through this dialogue, the seventh material topic, “pursuing Social Contribution Activities” was added to tackle social challenges proactively over the long term. In future, to maximize the viability of initiatives, specific objectives will be set for each materiality.

Strengthening corporate governance

With the goal of continually improving the CITIZEN Group’s corporate value, we streamline our organization and company systems to conduct affairs efficiently throughout the group, build an oversight mechanisms, and ensure transparent and sound management.

Comprehensive Risk Management

The CITIZEN Group promote risk management to prevent all kinds of risk involving cross-sectional and individual undertakings, and to enable business to continue while taking into consideration the safety of employees and local communities in the event of an emergency.

Thorough compliance

The group as a whole promotes thorough compliance as a core element of management, an action that is key to thoroughly spreading the “CitizenGroup Code of Conduct”.

Creating a pleasant work environment

We improve our corporate climate so that it recognizes diversity and enhances one another’s skills. We accomplish a work environment where everyone can work in safety and peace of mind.

Advancing Responsible Procurement

With the aim of optimizing procurement activities throughout the group, together with our suppliers, we are working to resolve social issues in the supply chain.

Promoting Environmental Innovation

We endeavor to reduce environmental load of/by CITIZEN Group products and in the value chain business process.

Pursuing Social Contribution Activities

CITIZEN Group staff, coming face to face with social issues in communities around Japan and across the world and engaging in social contribution activities in the fields of learning and education, environment, and disaster relief, aim to live in harmony with local communities.

The CITIZEN Group’s Materiality and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

By linking the topics considered material to the CITIZEN Group to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serves to reaffirm the importance of a sustainable society and clarifies anew what the CITIZEN Group can do to that end through its business activities.
The CITIZEN Group is taking long-term action and working earnestly to realize a sustainable society to take responsibility as a member of international society and become a ‘solid global company.’


Contributing to Sustainable Development Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were launched in 2016 in the aim of resolving global issues related to poverty, hunger, energy, climate change, peaceful society, and other areas. Achievement of the SDGs comprising of the 17 goals and 169 targets will require all Member States of the United Nations and their people to have a sense of ownership and take action while cooperating with each other.
The CITIZEN Group, as a member of the international community and a solid global company that is “Loved by citizens, working for citizens,” will continue to work positively on the CITIZEN Group’s Materiality Initiatives while relating them to the SDGs and contribute to the formation of a sustainable society.

Please see p.12 for further details on how the Citizen Group Materiality is linked to the SDGs