CITIZEN Group’s Business Foundation

CITIZEN Group’s Business Foundation

Since our foundation, the CITIZEN Group has utilized its unique and advanced technologies that have been cultivated through the watch business. These include the technology to make products even smaller and more precise, and the creation of products that consume little electricity. We also offer new value in other core businesses.


The CITIZEN Group has striven to manufacture watches that are loved throughout the world. Watches are where our story began. Even today, we continue to produce models featuring new functions, including innovative products that are the global firsts, such as Eco-Drive light-powered watches that have gained great popularity among many watch owners.

Machine Tools

Machine tools create components essential to a wide array of industries, including the medical, automotive, and IT industries, and underpin modern technical advancement and the development of societies. Sophisticated technologies that meet diversifying needs in this dynamic age support manufacturing in a variety of settings in society.

Devices and Components

The precision technologies exclusive to CITIZEN that have been developed through the watch business are utilized in manufacturing of devices, components built into familiar electronic equipment, such as LED lights, smartphone switches, and liquid crystal. We have made low-power consumption and long life possible for products, and in addition to making people’s lives more convenient and pleasant, we reduce the burden placed on the environment.

Electronic Products

The POS bar code printers and the high-resolution digital photo printers are created using the precision processing and assembly technology passed down from our watch business, they and are playing a role in different scenes, such as in the stores and at factories. In addition, healthcare products centered on electronic blood pressure monitors and electronic thermometers help people manage their health and create healthy lifestyle.

Other Products

High-quality jewelry crafted by leveraging precision technologies exclusive to the CITIZEN Group is loved by many who wear them for a lifetime to add joy to their everyday lives. The technologies also contribute to the creation of places for people to relax, such as in the operation of ice skating rinks.

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