CITIZEN and its Customers

Basic Approach to Customer Satisfaction

The CITIZEN WATCH Group has positioned customer satisfaction at the very core of its management and always seeks to provide high-quality products and services from the customer's perspective.
We listen to customer opinions and make use of them in product development and improving services. We classify comments from customers for analysis into sales and planning, development and manufacturing, and service categories. The respective responsible divisions then take measures based on the results of analysisfor making improvements.

Efforts of Customer Service Desk

To raise customer satisfaction levels even further, CITZEN WATCH implements a range of efforts designed to comprehensively enhance the quality of operations including after-sales service as well as product capabilities in areas such as quality, functionality, and design. Our effortsthat have been undertaken since fiscal 2010 include (1) analysisof customer comments by using Text Mining as a tool, (2) periodic training and follow-ups for personnel involved in customer service, and (3) expansion of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the company website and development of maintenance programs to encourage customers to resolve problems on their own.We continue to improve customer satisfaction level with our further efforts.

Text Mining

Text Mining is an analytical method that converts questions and opinions received by the CITIZEN Customer Service Desk into text data, analyzes the data, and displays valuable information in a visual format. The Customer Service Desk creates monthly analysis reports, shares the information throughout the CITIZEN WATCH, and uses it to improve product development and services. The map shows relationships among terms and the frequency with which they appear.
Terms that appear with a high frequency in different age groups are the followings; a group of up to age 30 is “band/time adjustment,” a group of age 40 to 50 is “product purchase/repair,”, and a group of age 60 or above is “catalogue request/Eco Drive.”
*Age groups of telephone inquiries are classified according to operators’ subjectivity.


Evaluation of customer service in the watch business—“Words of thanks from 1,000 customers every year!”

To realize the corporate philosophy, it is important to swiftly respond to, and make improvements regarding customer inquiries and requests in order to build long-term relationships with them. The CITIZEN Customer Service Desk handles varieties of questions and requests that include advice on product performance and material quality prior to purchaseand operating procedures after purchase. Words of thanks received after resolving dissatisfactions and troubles make our employees happy and boost their motivation.
The numbers ofthanks letters and of full marks on email evaluation forms from customers in each year exceed 1,000.
To increase customer satisfaction, we will continue to strive to provide services that satisfy customers through periodic operator trainings aiming for acquisition ofskills and knowledge.

シチズン時計 お客様時計相談室
Customer Watch Consultation Department

Many letters from customers


Customers VOICE Striving to be a Brand Loved by Customers

The CITIZEN's customer service system in the Chinese watch business are acknowledged as trustworthiness, for it puts the customer first. A three-year warranty,, the longest in the business, as well as the creation of a customer call center and the management of individual products with bar codes are far ahead of other brands and create clear distinctions in service from others. Itis committed to maintaining its customer-first policy throughout its operations and improving services to become a brand that is loved by customers.

Manager, Customer Center Li Ting
Citizen Watch (China) Co., Ltd.

Devoted Attention to "Genuine Customer Feedback" and Resolution of Customer Issues

At CITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN a Group company that deals with healthcare products, 70% of feedback that the company’s customer relations office receives come from the elderly, and an even more considerate and warm approach is essential in responding to such feedback. We create databases in each division such as development, quality, planning and so on by using this kind of accumulated “genuine customer feedback,” and the data is utilized as a source for developing new products that resolve customer issues.
The CTE707 Digital Thermometer, launched in October 2015, was developed in response to such “genuine customer feedback.” Going forward, we will endeavor to improve our levels of customer satisfaction in order to offer exciting products that exceed customer expectations.



Providing a New Value to the Manufacturing Industry

CITIZEN MACHINERY, provides the “alkapplysolution” service, a collection of solutions that meld ICT*1 and IoT*2 and the functional and technological know-how that the company has long accumulated.

①“Human Oriented Factories”
The origins of alkapplysolution goes back to the 1980s. While there was an overwhelming trend toward Automating Factories, we conceptualized Human Oriented Factories.
We made this announcement at CFA*160, our private event held in 1990. Theconcept is the following: “In the near future, high-quality products will be made in factories. Workers are not tools to more efficiently produce products, but the main actors in creating high-quality products, and the grounds of knowledge for multi-product and high-quality product manufacturing. The workers are essential elements within factories. We are moving away from an era in which the workers complement machines to one in which they perform on what customers want.” This is the base of CITIZEN’s “Human Oriented Factories.”
The competitive advantage derived from the value that we provide to customers is “factory identitiesthat should be measured by quality and/or time created by concept of values.” The identities are created by the workers and, therefore, even the automated factories need workers.
In order to realize this competitive advantage, such tools as “in-plant remote operation” and “information transmission from factories,” both forms of ICT*2 are necessary. Additionally, such elements as “high-speed program supply service,” “interactive machine operation programming,” “interactive animated operation educational guidance,” “automated line integration,” and “automated robots for peripheral devices” are detailed in the CFA60 pamphlet as our “dreams.” These elements are all core parts of alkapplysolution.
However, at that time the infrastructure was not available, and the concept of this solution did not realize.
*1 An abbreviation for CITIZEN Factory Automation. an event that presents CITIZEN’s vision for metalworking factories with a focus on factory automation
*2 ICT: Information & Communications Technology

②“Impressive Value Production”
During CFA70 in 2000, as a developed version of “Human Oriented Factories,” we announced the creation of “Impressive Value Production.” This concept refers to the idea that “operations not requiring workers input should be performed by machines, and workers should be engaged in more creative work.”

シチズンマシナリ―ソリューション推進部 部長柳平茂夫
Hiroshi Shinohara Director, Operating Officer
Development Division Manager
Citizen Machinery

シチズンマシナリ―ソリューション推進部 部長柳平茂夫

シチズンマシナリ―ソリューション推進部 部長柳平茂夫

Covert Customer Feedback into New Value Proposals

At CITIZEN ELECTRONICS, we have in place Field Application Engineers (FAE) at operating bases around the world, ensuring an organic link between headquarters product and planning departments and front-line operations in direct contact with customers. The aims of this arrangement is to establish and provide a self-contained local customer support system as well as to present product proposals optimized for the specific needs of each region and customer.
By putting engineers on the front-line of customer support, we are able to not only sell products but also provide on-site technical support for any problems that may arise. Additionally, organized customer opinions as the latest market information and customer needs are sent to headquarters planning and development divisions and can be used for better product proposals.
Through such an arrangement as clarifying tangible and potential needs, we can improve our ability to respond to customer requests and provide product proposals that will exceed customer expectations.


LCOS Modules That Contributes to Customers’ Safety and Security in Wearable Terminals and Automotive Applications

As we increasingly head toward the information society, wearable devices that offer support to users have started to appear in a range of workplaces. These devices provide assistance and guidance in various settings, including manufacturing plants, warehouses, and medical facilities such as surgery rooms.
Ferroelectric liquid crystal panels from CITIZEN FINEDEVICE have a higher level of responsiveness than existing TFT LCDs and have enabled the creation of displays with high level of performance in resolution,definition, and brightness. These displays also use an LCOS (Liquid Crystal on Silicon) structure in which the driver circuit is fully incorporated into the single silicon backplane, obviating the need for peripheral circuits and thus reducing size and enabling application in such miniaturized devices as head-mounted displays. These display panels are small yet provide high definition and outstanding presence and more information, andthey help users work more safely and with confidence. In automotive applications, for example, vehicle heads-up display panels reflect important information, such as speed and turn signals on windshields. By showing these information directly in the driver's field of view, we can contribute to a safer driving experience.

Meeting for new product development

Product development that pursued for light quality

Since 2003, CITIZEN ELECTRONICS has worked on manufacturing and selling LED lights, and developed various technologies to enhance the brightness and reduce the environmental impact. In recent years, our customers’ needs have increased in added value such as “light quality,”in addition to existing requests for power consumption, efficiency and brightness.Manufacturing products focusing on details and tones such as high color-rendering LEDs that are good at showing the natural colors of objects and high coloring LEDs that illuminate objects vividly is therefore necessary. We will take these customers’ needs into consideration seriously and further pursue for the value of “light quality.”

Miharu Takizakura with Conventional light, LED

Miharu Takizakura with CITILED Vivid Series

Challenge to Develop a New Multifunctional Processing Device for Customer Requests

CITIZEN MACHINERY has manufactured medical components primarily with Cincom, but issues remained in microfabrication for products such as stents, which are for expanding blood vessels. We, therefore, developed a world-first hybrid multifunctional processing device equipped with a laser suitable for microfabrication onto a conventional automatic lathe.
Cutting and laser processing using a single machine enables highly accurate processing of objects such as stents and endoscopes. This makes it possible to reduce physical burden of patients, by using manufactured medical devices. Even though the cost of the new device is high, it is still less expensive than purchasing machines for each process, saves more space, and thus contributes to cut down on equipment costs and to increase productivity.
We aim to create further value together with technical trading companies that have system integrator functions, through developing technologies that meet customers hidden needs.