Targets and Overview

FY2017 Overview

The CITIZEN Group regards the practice of the Citizen Group Code of Conduct as CSR activities.Every year, each Group company sets CSR activity objectives linked with the Citizen Code of Conduct and every workplace strives towards achieving these goals. Initiatives to reach each objective are the subject of self-evaluation by staff and thus linked to the PDCA cycle. Some of the FY2017 initiatives are shown below.

FY2017 CSR Program Targets and Results and Future Issues (excerpts)

FY2017CSR Program Targets and Results and Future Issues (excerpts)
The rating criteria consist of 4 levels (A: Achieved all goals, B: Achieved almost all goals, C: Issues remain, D: Not implemented).
 Action plans that match the Citizen Group materiality are highlighted.

Company activity objectives/priority policies Results Self-evaluation Upcoming challenges
1. Act responsibly towards society and strive to raise the corporate value of the CITIZEN Group.
CITIZEN WATCH Full awareness of Group Code of Conduct
(1) Roll out to major overseas bases using translated versions
(2) Implement training using e-learning materials
(1) Published translated versions (Chinese, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Vietnamese), and rolled out to 41 overseas bases and reaching a total of 4,126 people. A Implement e-learning at Group companies
(2) Prepared e-learning materials in Japanese and English. Training was conducted by CITIZEN WATCH only. C
CITIZEN LOGISTICS SERVICE Implementation of information gathering in regards to legal reform and its application Based on law revisions, reviewed employment rules and identified points to be revised. C Update as required in line with law revisions
2. Provide products and services that demonstrate our commitment to safety, quality, and the environment.
CITIZEN ELECTRONICS Provide safe, quality, environmentally-sound products Detected long-standing inappropriate and improper actions. D Prevent recurrence by strengthening quality compliance
CITIZEN WATCH Strengthen quality-related governance Established the CITIZEN Group Quality Compliance Committee. A Strengthen compliance through the CITIZEN Group quality monitoring, etc.
3. Engage in business practices that are fair, transparent, open to competition, and responsible.
CITIZEN WATCH Roll out the Citizen Group CSR Procurement Guideline Published Group-wide guidelines and distributed them to the first tier to suppliers. B Aim to undertake this initiative as a Group, as some companies are still behind on this.
CITIZEN SYSTEMS JAPAN Comply with Group Bribery Prevention Rules ・Reviewed and revised rules on After-hours Entertainment Spending.
・Establishment and operation of individual company rules.
A Bribery Prevention Rules were enacted
4. Respect human rights and diversity, and provide a safe and pleasant working environment.
CITIZEN WATCH Improve the personnel system, the rate of paid leave taken, and promoted women’s active participation and advancement in workplace. While improvements are under way, the challenge for now is to link this objective to the growth of the CITIZEN Group by focusing on fostering human resources equipped with problem solving capacity. A Continue to implement the improvement measures as described in the left column
CITIZEN WATCH MANUFACTURING Prevention of harassment
(1) Use CSR News
(2) Deliver training
(1) Published a serial article showing example initiatives regarding power harassment on the CSR News on the Intranet
(2) Delivered training on the prevention of power harassment to responsible officers.
A ・With the aim of boosting the visibility of the CSR News, we are first checking the current level of awareness of the CSR News among the employees.
・Deliver harassment training to general staff
5. Recognize the importance of environmental conservation, and take voluntary and proactive measures.
CITIZEN WATCH Provide environmentally-sound products and services Pursued the long-term usability of watches from the perspective of longer operating life and durability A Continue to develop manufacturing that takes people and the environment into consideration
CITIZEN T.I.C. Production compliant with laws in particular related to chemical substances
(1) Attend external classes
(2) 100% compliance of products with RoHS, consider REACH compliance as requested
(1) External classes attended: 18
(2) Confirmed compliance with RoHS using radio-controlled clock, a product under development. As for REACH, gained knowledge.
A Observing that the market demand for information regarding chemicals in products is increasing by the year. Continue to enhance performance next year.
6. Manage and protect company assets in an appropriate manner.
CITIZEN WATCH Thorough information management Appropriately conducted thorough management of information including on new product information and other important facts which may impact on investment decisions A Continue to implement the measures described in the left column.
CITIZEN MACHINERY (1) Make relationship between CITIZEN and other company products and patents transparent.
(2) Make sure to achieve target number of patent applications and realize the acquisition of relevant rights for development and solution business.
(1) Continuously updated the balance sheet, and patent list; created official gazette file of registered patents.
(2) Completed 24 patent applications, beating the target. Realized the acquisition of rights profitable to the business through early screening and by breaking applications down into parts.
A (1) Make the list of patents public, and examine efficient update methods to the list.
(2) Strengthen applications for IoT, L20 and Miyano machines.
7. Abstain from actions that would harm the company’s long-lasting values.
CITIZEN WATCH Prevent insider trading (1) Conducted awareness raising activities for insider trading prevention through activities such as training for new staff and newly appointed executives.
(2) Discovered zero cases of insider violations
A Continue to implement the measures as described in the left column
CITIZEN FINEDEVICE Rebuild internal management of J-SOX ・Submitted the final version of the assessment results for FY2016 maintenance operation.
・Completed the maintenance of FY2017 priority maintenance items.
A ・Review and reconstruct Kawaguchiko Site work process management
・Improve purchasing process and management of details.
・Review testing methods for electronic approval management
8. Strive to contribute to regional communities in which we operate.
CITIZEN WATCH Consider and test social contribution dispatch as part of 100th anniversary project (6 in Japan, 3 overseas) ・Employees dispatched as planned, program deemed to be effective in terms of bringing staff face to face with social issues in communities A Continue as an annual Social contribution dispatch program
CITIZEN FINEDEVICE Contribute to local communities, live in harmony with local communities ・Conducted: local clean-up and environmental conservation activities; removal of Bur cucumber; Mt. Fuji clean-up activities
・Conducted conservation activities of the Japanese Large Shijimi Blue butterfly
A Discover activities that add more benefits to usual annual projects