Initiatives Contributing to Society


Sponsorship of Marathons and Long-Distance Relays



By leveraging our trusted time measurement technology as a watch manufacturer, CITIZEN WATCH supports the official timing of marathons and long-distance relays. We use an automatic measuring device to sense an IC chip attached to the number worn on a runner’s chest. The device conveys in real time the runner’s time to television stations via the Internet, where it is then displayed on live broadcasts.

Table Tennis Lessons and Networking Events Hosted by the CITIZEN Table Tennis Club


The CITIZEN Table Tennis Club is part of the FirstDivision for table tennis in Japan. The club holds table tennis lessons and networking events across Japan, with a majority of these events being held in the club’s hometown of Nishitokyo. The club’s players work diligently to build friendships with local community members through table tennis and to have an even greater number of people gain an appreciation for the sport. Participants in the club’s various events have made such enthusiastic comments as, “I improved my skill a great deal through these lessons” and “I hope that the club comes to my town again.” In FY2016, the club held 18 events with more than 1,800 people participating.

Sponsorship of the Japan Deaf Table Tennis Champion Series


On January7, 2017, CITIZEN WATCH sponsored the 39th Japan Deaf Table Tennis Championship Series. As a company with a table tennis club in the First Division of the Japan Table Tennis League, we will continue to support this event in order to promote sports for the deaf in Japan and overseas.

Involvement with Local Students


As the only corporate sports team within the Group, the CITIZEN Table Tennis Club has a rich, tradition-filled history that spans over half a century. Being a pioneer of corporate table tennis, the club has produced numerous star players over the years, continuously competing at the top level in Japan.
As part of its various activities that contribute to local communities, the club has registered with “the Health Support Foundation” in Nishitokyo, where the CITIZEN GroupHeadquartersis located, and has become involved with local students through table tennis to promote the sport and improve students’ table tennis skills.

Health Support Foundation
“The Health Support Foundation” is an organization involved in activities to promote health in the daily lives of Nishitokyo’s residents. The foundation carries out its activities under a city health promotion plan comprising the five key themes of “understanding health,” “food and nutrition,” “exercise and sports,” “mental health and recreation,” and “learning and creation.

“Curling MiraiProject — From Nagano to around the World”


U21 Junior Challenge Cup

Awarding Ceremony of Japan Curling Championships

Through sponsoring the “Curling MiraiProject — From Nagano to around the World” held by Sports Community Karuizawa Club, we make efforts to create regional sports environments that link generations with the regional community through actions including popularizing competition, cultivating junior athletes, and helping to strengthen Japan’s top teams.


  • Helping to strengthen the SC Karuizawa Club (men’s curling) team
  • Supporting the cultivation of the junior team starting in FY2016
  • Opening a curling academy
  • Holding a Junior Competition (CITIZEN U21 Karuizawa Junior Challenge Cup)

The CITIZEN Group supports the SC Karuizawa Club (men’s curling team).